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Google Trends: A Handy Digital Marketing Strategy Tool

What if you didn’t have to guess what was on the minds of consumers when planning a marketing strategy? What if you knew exactly what your target audience was searching right now, not last month or last year? Would that insight influence your strategy decisions? If your answer is yes, consider the power of utilizing […]

What are Deepfakes, and How are Brands Using Them in Ads?

In the age of fake ads and bots, artificial video has entered the fold. Well, sort of. They’re called deepfakes. What are deepfakes, you ask? Deepfakes are videos with dubbed audio to make a subject appear to say something they’re not. If you’ve seen popular versions involving Mark Zuckerberg or an apologetic Jon Snow, you’ve […]

The Top 4 Web Design Principles that Our Team Lives By

Although web design varies in all facets, there are several guiding principles that can be found throughout. That’s because there are certain tried-and-true methods that most web designers (like us) tend to follow. So, what exactly makes a good website? Read along to explore the top web design principles agencies are following today.