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How to Protect your Business from Social Media Hacking

Since social media is an important part of business these days, it’s become essential to keep your accounts protected. Consider what would happen if someone else gained access to your accounts. The consequences can potentially devastate your company and everything you’ve worked towards. So, to help safeguard against social media hacking, check out some of […]

How to Choose Website Images that Further your Brand

It’s no secret that images bring a great deal of value to websites. From furthering your credibility to advancing your message, website images are an essential. However, sometimes these images can detract from your ultimate goal and put you in a quandary. So, to help you figure out how to choose the best photos and […]

How Restaurant Marketing Can Boost Sales and Attract Diners

Restaurant marketing is a competitive business, especially with the amount of quality eateries here on Long Island. However, in recent years, the advent of digital marketing and advertising has leveled the playing field significantly. But still, a vast majority of places still aren’t getting it right. So, for ambitious owners, managers and restaurateurs, we’re here […]