Case Study

Imperial Cleaning

The Company

Imperial Cleaning Company (ICC) has been in business for 23 years serving high-quality commercial cleaning services nationwide and residential cleaning services to the Long Island area.

The Challenge

Clean up an underperforming and murky online lead generation platform.



  • An outdated site that did not properly display ICC’s services
  • Lack of online presence from under optimized content


  • Multiple marketing & software vendors that makes reporting lead generation difficult to merge
  • Needed to target the right audience with the right online channel
  • Did not have an active marketing campaign for commercial cleaning, their most profitable service

The Goals


  • Build a website that demonstrates Imperial Cleaning Company as a primary commercial cleaning company with local residential services
  • Drive more traffic to the site and provide more conversion opportunities for leads


  • Obtain qualified leads for both commercial and residential cleaning through an organic and paid marketing plan

The Strategy


  • Through goal-oriented web design, the Fat Guy team was able to build out a site that displays commercial and residential services
  • Service pages and landing pages have clear and accessible forms for a lead to convert
  • Software was added to the website to track demographics, web traffic, user paths and more


  • Using the service pages, Fat Guy built out ad campaigns across multiple channels targeting specific audience types to increase online visibility and lead inquiries
  • Fat Guy created search engine optimized blogs to expand ranking authority

The Results

Web Traffic Increase

Through a healthy mix of digital advertising, social media marketing and blogging tailored specifically to Imperial Cleaning Company’s target audience, Fat Guy Media boosted traffic to their new website by 277% in the first year.

Commercial Leads Increase

Since Imperial Cleaning Company’s new site was designed to naturally guide visitors into becoming leads, that increased, hyper-targeted web traffic resulted in a 90% increase in form submissions.

Commercial Leads Increase 900 Percent

Gross Revenue Increase

These weren’t just any old leads that were generated. These were quality leads, primed to buy.

From that influx of high-quality leads, Imperial Cleaning Company saw a 50% increase in gross revenue in just the first year with their new site and marketing strategy.

Gross Revenue Increase 50 Percent

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