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Fat Guy Media is a full-service Long Island Web Design Company & Online Marketing Agency, focused on maximizing user experience through mobile friendly web design and social media marketing.  Our creative and fresh approach unlocks the full potential of offline and online marketing for your company.



Developing the right aesthetically pleasing and appealing logo will provide the best branding strategy to rise above the competition!



Your website is the digital face of your company.  Our design team will build your website to highlight your brand’s most attractive features.



Allows companies to attract visitors and turn them into customers, therefore creating an online marketing presence customized to their audience.

Fat Guy Media - You didn't think we just ate all Day!

What we do as a Marketing and Web Design Agency

You didn’t think we just ate all day, right?

Just by taking a look at the Fat Guy, you can see we’re not partial to doing anything in moderation. The Fat Guy’s full belly is stuffed with innovative marketing strategies and web design knowledge. The team at Fat Guy Media believes that companies should have a media smorgasbord in front of you, with a spread of options to fully customize your advertising and marketing endeavors. We are dedicated to thoroughly learning the ins and outs of your company, in order to create marketing campaigns that make your brand shine.

Web Design Portfolio

View some examples of the Beautiful Websites that we have done.  We have done work in many industries like Retail, Transportation, Construction, Insurance, Non-Profit and many more industries.

A Long Island Web Design Company & Marketing Agency

Our services include website design, branding and search engine optimization as part of an innovative inbound marketing strategy designed to increase the visibility and influence of your internet presence. Inbound Marketing consists of geo marketing, email marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, blogging, search engine marketing and lead generation. We add the perfect amount of these ingredients, throw it in a pot, stir and create the perfect marketing recipe for your company.

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