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We believe a good website is an essential investment for any business or organization. A well-designed website can help deliver information to customers, streamline operations and provide new opportunities for growth. Think of your website as a foundation to build success on and us your architects.

Our goal first approach to website design helps identify issues and opportunities, establish priorities and deliver the best possible experience to the right people. We call this the Prep, Plate, Serve Process. The cost of website design much like the result depends on your goals. Not sure where to start? Check out our web design pricing packages below.

Bread and Butter Site

Bread and Butter Site

For some businesses, launching your first website or undergoing a redesign is just enough to get your marketing efforts off the ground. You want to get going but you know right now it’s important to get your basics covered. You may be a startup or local, business looking to display essential information or encourage better customer communication. The Bread Butter package focuses on essentials you need to set the groundwork for future growth.

Meat and Potatoes Site

Meat and Potatoes Site

Larger organizations and companies with a wide range of services and types of content may need a more advanced site to achieve their business goals. A Meat and Potatoes site dives deeper into using your website as tool for your business. If you need to streamline sales or customer service your website is the perfect place to do it. Not only will customers be able to readily access information related to your business, products or services, but you’ll have the opportunity to improve their experience by making your website part of how you meet their needs.

Surf and Turf Site

Surf and Turf Site

If you’re a large business or organization with multiple locations and departments, then you know that getting everyone on same page and managing information can be a challenge. A Surf and Turf Site creates a single platform from which all those various locations and departments can manage information and stay aligned. From multi-users to specific visitor interactions, this package brings it all together.

What is the Prep, Plate, Serve Process?

The Prep, Plate, Serve Process is the backbone of the Fat Guy Media web design strategy. Simply put, it answers fundamental questions about your goals, namely who, what and where.

From priority planning and keyword research to target audience and competitor analysis, we will determine who you need to reach, what to provide and where to deliver it. Through extensive quality and goal alignment checks at each stage of the process we ensure that your project stays on track and most importantly on purpose.

Slow Simmer Payment Plan

Your website is not an expense, but an investment meant to generate new business and revenue over time. That’s why we offer a zero deposit, 24-month payment plan that includes website design, health and hosting.

During the course of those 24 months, your website will begin paying for itself via the fruitful new business it reaps for your company.

Web Design FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is the latest “nom de guerre” of a concept that has been floating around in the world of web design for a number of years now. Responsive design (also sometimes referred to as adaptive design) is the concept that the design of a website has the ability to respond to a visitors input based on device, screen size and orientation. Given the large variety of options people have for browsing the internet today responsive design is essential to ensuring that a website is accessible to the widest audience possible.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is an essential planning tool for both the web designers and client alike. A sitemap serves as visual guide that reflects the goals and purpose of the final website. Sitemaps organize and clarify the content that needs to be on your site, as well as help you identify redundancies in your content and opportunities to improve your visitor’s experience. Using a sitemap as a common touchstone clients and designers can reduce the possibility of time consuming and costly adjustments in the early stages of your project.

What is a Wireframe?

Wireframes are the bridge between the information architecture (sitemap) and the visual design. Wireframing is the process of translating concepts and content into skeletal framework of a website. The wireframe depicts the layout of a websites navigation and content and how they work together. Wireframes can also establish rules for the display of certain types of information, or different display scenarios. Creating wireframes is a useful way of displaying content priorities and gauging the practicality of a design.

What is a Mobile-Friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website is created using coding standards that detect your device and screen size and adjust the layout accordingly. With a mobile-friendly website, a user can easily navigate on a desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. A mobile-friendly website deters any unnecessary zooming in or sliding when using a touch screen. So whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, the website will fit perfectly to the screen.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is the point of sale in e-commerce, the spot where software authorizes a credit card payment. It allows you to charge a customer’s credit or debit card when they make a purchase online. A payment gateway provider can be used by e-businesses, online retailers or more traditional brick and mortar businesses. A payment gateway facilitates the transfer of information between a payment portal, such as a website or mobile phone and the bank.

What our Web Design Pricing Plans may include

Podcast Module

Open Table Integration

Wireframe Development

Website Development

Video Production

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