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What to Look for in Long Island Advertising Agencies

With an increased availability of metrics to prove results, the effectiveness of Long Island advertising agencies is now on display for all to see.

Online Ads

Online advertising is a proven method to capture the attention of large audiences who spends hours upon hours of their free time on the Internet.

  • Long Island advertising agencies specialize in running ad campaigns on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. By using available demographic data, your business’ message can be targeted to your ideal customer.
  • The right Long Island advertising agency features your ads on search engine results pages that are relevant to your business. With search engine marketing, your company bids for ad placements, but you are only charged when your ad is clicked. If your business chooses to use search ads, they can be optimized across all devices, including tablets and smartphones.
  • Remarketing or retargeting is a way to reach visitors who have previously visited your website. It places ads on a website that your former visitor is viewing at the moment. This strategy is used to increase return traffic to your website.
  • Display advertising drives traffic to your website and raises your brand awareness by placing banner ads on third-party websites. Display ads, which may be static or animated images, have the option to use demographic and geo-targeting.

Print Ads

Print advertising can be targeted to reach specific demographics. Effective types of print ads include publications, bus stops, taxi tops, brochures and business cards.

  • A professional brochure is way to communicate your company’s message on a smaller scale. A high-quality, glossy brochure displays your company’s products or services to your exact specifications.
  • Outdoor advertising, including bus stops, taxi tops and billboards, attracts the attention of a large audience of commuters. These types of ads, which are offered by Long Island advertising agencies, add credibility to your brand.
  • Even business cards are a great way to promote your business. This palm-sized card, which includes your business’ logo and contact information, reminds potential customers of their interaction with your business.

How Long Island Advertising Agencies Track ROI


One of online advertising’s best features is its ability to track every customer interaction by using metrics like views, clicks and engagement. This insight gives Long Island ad agencies the ability to give your business frequent updates on the progress of your campaign. With tools like HubSpot, every new visitor, contact and lead is tracked. With all that information, adjustments can be made to refine and refocus your campaign while it progresses. On social media sites like Twitter, conversion tracking measures your return on investment by following the actions of users after they view or engage with your ads.


Long Island advertising agencies also specialize in tracking the return on investment of all your print media campaigns. Popular strategies include promo codes, call tracking, QR codes and custom URLs.

  • If your business is offering a special, you can display a unique promo code in an advertisement. Customers who use your promo code can be tracked back to the advertisement they first saw.
  • Call tracking is another way to see how your print advertising campaigns are working. By using a unique phone numbers on ads, businesses can learn where customers found out about their business.
  • With custom URLs in your print campaigns, you will be able to see where your visits, leads and customers originate.
  • QR codes, which can be included on direct mail or other print media, track online traffic that starts offline. A unique QR code seamlessly directs visitors to a company website or even a YouTube video.

Whether you choose online or print advertising, new and advanced technologies and strategies continue to improve your business’ return on investment.

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