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Why You Should Get Involved with Mobile App Advertising

Consumers spend a remarkable amount of time using mobile phone apps. That means businesses can no longer afford to concentrate solely on mobile web ads. Mobile app advertising is one of the top up and coming mediums for you to effectively promote your business.

What is Mobile App Advertising?

As you use apps on your smartphone, you’ll notice that ads appear from time to time. That is mobile app advertising.

It’s a pretty popular advertising medium, and its usage is projected to grow during the coming years. So if you’re not using it yet, it might be a wise choice in order to gain a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry.

Why are In-App Advertisements so Effective?

Highly Targeted Audiences

The targeting options offered by mobile app advertising platforms are immense. They collect tons of key customer data that allows ads to be targeted on highly personal levels. Targeting options include:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • How your audience uses their phones
  • The type of device they use
  • Behavior targeting

mobile app advertising

Deeply Immersive

The average American spends an outrageous amount of time on their smartphone. And you’ve probably seen just how obsessed people are with their phones, their faces glued to the screen as they walk down the street. As an advertiser, that’s great news for you.

For example, smartphone games are a popular platform for ads. When someone is deeply immersed in a game and an ad pops up, it demands their attention.

Sure, they can close out of the ad, but you’re guaranteed that they will have seen it and registered it in their brain. This is especially true for ads that are worked seamlessly into the interface of the app.

And this isn’t just baseless speculation, there’s statistics to prove it. Studies suggest that in-app ads perform up to 11.4 times better than standard website ads. Android apps in particular are great for advertising, with a whopping 40 percent improvement in cost-per-install from 2014 to 2015.

Improved Conversion Rates

On average, businesses see 64 percent more conversions on smartphones than they do on desktop. So by advertising within mobile apps, you gain an added edge by promoting to a market of people who are more likely to convert.

mobile app advertising

Endless Possibilities

Mobile app advertising comes in many shapes and sizes. Since your business may not see a ton of conversions from standard banner ads, you can work in other types of ads as well. Video ads, native ads and interstitial ads are great for keeping your campaigns interesting and diverse.

In-app advertising is a key component of a strong mobile marketing mix. Directing visitors from apps to your mobile-friendly website is a great way to gain traffic and improve conversions.

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