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How to Create an eBook to Gain Leads

You write blogs and create interesting whitepapers and now you’re ready to create even more content offers. That’s where the ebook comes in. Not the kind of ebook you download on your Kindle, but when you create an ebook, it acts as a useful marketing tool to drive leads further into the sales funnel. A lead is gained by filling out a form to download an ebook, and reading it is the first step of lead nurturing. So, a well-written, well-designed ebook will intrigue the reader to become more interested in your company’s products or services.

What Is an eBook, Anyway?

An ebook is a detailed collection of whitepapers or chapters based on one topic or industry. It’s designed to attract potential customers and prove your knowledge in your industry.

How to Create an eBook

Here’s the most important part! Your next ebook has to be intriguing enough before they even click the download button. Content and design should be perfectly laid out so readers can easily scan through to find what they are looking for. Content and design should guide readers throughout the whole ebook.

Finding the Right Content

create an ebook When thinking of content, make sure you choose one topic that’s vast. For instance, if you’re a mechanic a great ebook would focus around the topic of maintaining different parts of your car. Within the ebook each chapter can focus on fixing the tires, the engine or replacing windshield wiper fluid, oil, etc. So the readers can keep the whole ebook as a reference and skip through sections they need answers to. A great way to create content fast is to use old blog posts. If the mechanic has already written blogs about different maintenance routines then why not take advantage of the content that’s already there? But you don’t want to copy and paste the blog in your ebook. Since it is downloadable content it should be detailed. Repurpose the blog to feature specific issues and fixes. See what blogs perform well and update the content. The content in your ebook should be precise, relevant and clear. If so, you’ll gain satisfied leads who see you as a thought leader in your industry.

Attract Through Design

create an ebook You can find templates online to create an ebook or you can customize it to represent your company. Use the colors of your brand. If you often use stock photos add those. Or if you create your own graphics, feel free to add that. Just like content should direct readers to their preferred section, so should graphics. So if the section is on how to change a tire, you want to add a graphic of a tire. The design of your ebook should clearly note the introduction, chapters and conclusion. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to be a little informal. No one likes reading a textbook. Create content as if you’re having a conversation with the reader, not trying to sell them anything. Here are some quick tips to think about when you create an ebook:

  1. Qualify Leads: The concept of an ebook is to educate leads with intriguing and valuable information. The objective is to keep the reader coming back to your content as a resource.
  2. Be an Expert: Ebooks are in-depth and sometimes extensive. The majority of the ebook is content, so make sure the content is correct and prove to readers you know what you’re talking about.
  3. Guide Them Through the Sales Funnel: With knowledgeable content, it’s easier to guide leads into becoming a customer. By having them download an ebook based on a specific topic, you can then provide that lead even more content and offers customized to what they are interested in.

Get out there and create an ebook and up your content marketing game! Check out this ebook the team at Fat Guy Media created as an example. How to Create Buyers Personas for a Business downloadable guide

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