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Inbound Marketing Tips and Tricks: Right Place, Right Time

Wrong place. Wrong time. We’ve all been there (or witnessed it) at one point or another and it’s never a pleasant experience. Whether you were a Cavaliers fan when Lebron made “The Decision” or, if you were watching the U.S. play Portugal the other night you know what it means to be in a bad spot (good news for Cavs fans is it looks like he could be heading back to Cleveland, fingers crossed…). With the influx of goals during this World Cup commentators have gone rabid over strikers and other attacking players. So, every day when I turn on a match and see a goal I’ll hear a commentator say something along the lines of, “Right place. Right time.” Strikers live and die by being in an advantageous position when their team needs them most which is exactly what your inbound marketing strategy needs to do in order to stay successful. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of inbound marketing tips, for soccer fans and inbound marketers alike that details how you can be in the right place at the right time when your team needs you most.

These 3 Inbound Marketing Tips Will Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy

1. Awareness

Any good striker knows who’s around them and where they are in relation to the goal. If they didn’t they’d end up by half field twiddling their thumbs and wondering what’s for lunch. Knowing where you are is essential in soccer and when you’re trying to implement your inbound marketing strategy. Here are two steps you can take to increase your awareness in relation to your customers’ needs and wants, which will help your inbound soar.

  •  Keep It Simple (KIS) – Make sure your content passes the Blink Test. If it doesn’t you’re going to end up watching a lot of potential converts slip out of your grasp (that’s a lot of money). Instead of text heavy material try to focus on blogs, infographics and short e-mails, which will increase your chances of converting that customer.
  • Know What Your Customers Looking for and Deliver – Sometimes a striker won’t be able to get a shot off so they’ll have to look to their teammates for help with a well timed cross. But, instead of teammates you’re looking to find your customers. Try to find out why your customers are coming to your site, what’s driving their actions and try to discover what can you do to solve their problems. Survey your customers, use analytics, anything that will help you better understand the needs and desires of your client.

2. Consideration (content)

Now that you know exactly where you are in relation to everyone on the field you’re going to have to consider a few different options on how to achieve your goal. Soccer is a game of improvisation and spur of the moment decisions. Make the right one, you’ll score, make a mistake and you could end up costing your team. By the time customers have accessed your consideration content they’ve already formed some sort of intent. You just have to find out what that is and where to go with it. Consideration content should make it clear to the customer as to why they should be performing your desired action. Provide content that is specific to a variety of potentially different clients and link to other helpful decision making material. You’ve got the customer to bite, now you just have to finish step 3.

3.  SCORE! (Decision content)

Alright, you know what your customer wants, you know how to get to goal, you just have to act on your decision or, in this case, make the customer act on a decision. Decision content is designed as a sales document to discuss your products openly (unlike steps one and two) and help your customer find out why your products are the ones they should buy. Keep the information concise and factual and the next thing you should see is increased profits and some guy in the background going, “GOAALLLLLLLLLLL!” If you have any further questions about our inbound marketing tips please don’t hesitate to call us at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at

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