Increase Business with Blogging

How You Can Increase Business with Blogging

Blogging started as an online emotional punching bag, an internet diary, and where we hunted for new recipes but now has transformed into a business generator, a relationship builder, a way to show your expertise among other things. At Fat Guy Media, we use this online tool to help your company grow in ways the original users never thought possible. Here are 5 you can increase business with blogging.

Increase Site Traffic

If you’ve spent any time looking up blogs (like ours) you would have discovered that there are blogs about everything. Analytics to zebras and everything in-between, someone has an opinion and a blog has been written. However, companies that create blogs geared toward their industry can drive traffic to their website, not only current customers looking for more information but potential customers looking at your business. Those scouring the internet for more information could stumble upon your blog and further explore your company.  Post original, relevant, creative blogs and you will get an increase in your company website traffic. Although it will not be an overnight increase with just one blog you are giving your site a better chance of being found and increasing the user experience on your site. You are turning complete strangers into visitors.

Show Your Expertise

Now that people are finding your site, turn these visitors into leads by showing your smarts. When you want to increase business with blogging, you must blog about industry relevant topics and adding them to your company’s website you slowly gain traction in the consumer’s mind that you have a better understanding of what is going on with your company, competitors, and industry. Sharing your knowledge, experience, thoughts, and insight shows your customers that you are an expert in your field. Wouldn’t you be more likely to seek out a company that knows the ins-and-out of an industry? So show off your smarts and post some blogs.

Create Relationships

When you post continuous relevant blogs you can start to build a following. Like your social media sites, consumers will be able to comment on your blogs with comments, questions, feedback, and testimonials, and ask you questions about your products, company, industry, or competitors. Be their source of information, consumers like to be educated and appreciate that you are engaging them. You should be writing blogs that are asking your consumers to engage in conversation, ask them questions that will generate a response.

Improve User Experience

Blogging jazzes up an otherwise mundane site. We aren’t saying that the site you have now is not functioning properly without a blog, but does your site give your customers a reason to revisit? A blog does just that! Web redesign may still be needed but depending on what platform your website runs on adding blogs can be a cost effective alternative and give your website new life with each post. It’s a way for you to provide information without a boring FAQ’s page. Go more in-depth with a blog post and give the people visiting your site an experience with every visit.

Increase Your SEO

Adding blogs to your site will directly increase your SEO. If you have a good understanding of how Google, Bing, and Yahoo SEO works you realize the importance to increase business with blogging. By updating your blogs with original relevant content you are showing Google’s SEO ‘spiders’ that your website is current and helps you better match with people searching for relevant information. Putting up keyword rich content helps SEO algorithm pick through your content as it ‘crawls’ through your site and increases your visibility on search engines with unpaid or organic search results. To better understand the process, imagine back in school skimming a page of information to see if it pertained to what you are studying. Quickly scanning the page you will notice keywords you are looking for and may read the whole paragraph more in-depth. The more relevant information and keyword involvement you have the better your chances are of getting picked up by the search engine. Interested in adding blogs but don’t know where to start or uninterested in the writing and upkeep? Fat Guy Media has options tailored to your company and the level of involvement you want, please feel free to give us a call at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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