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Google Display Networks Adds Local Advertising Options

It’s important for local businesses to get their ads seen by the correct consumers. In order to help businesses reach new customers within their vicinity, Google is implementing three new local ads. The Google Display Network is making it easier than ever for local businesses to have their deals seen by potential customers.   

Google Display Networks

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is a system that allows for your ads to be seen on more than two million websites, by 90 percent of internet users. This gives you the ability to reach these users in all different circumstances. Whether they’re playing a video game, viewing a video, or even just checking their email. More importantly, it allows users to see your ads early in their buying process, usually when they’re still just researching topics. The Google Display Network integrates your ads into carefully chosen places, so they are seen by the correct people at the correct time.

How Google Display Network Promotes Your Local Business with Local Campaigns

Google Display Networks

1.      Showcase Store Locations on Maps

Google is allowing you to feature your location as users are getting directions in maps to another location. Once your location pops up on their screen, the user can add it as a convenient stop on their route. According to Google, location pins on Google Maps are tapped on “hundreds of millions of times per week,” making this the prime opportunity to connect with other local stores or people in your area.

2.      Catalog-Like Listings

It was also announced that they are adding new catalog-like listings to connect with your audience through Google’s Display Network. Here, you’ll get to showcase your items as if they are on the feed of a mini website, in-stream.

3.      New Local Inventory Ads

These ads will highlight your local store products and store information to nearby shoppers through a search. When a user looks up an item you have, you can add your advertisement to the online listing. Then you’ll inform the users if they should order it or if it’s available for pick-up that same day.

With these new ways to promote your business with local campaigns, you’ll be more likely to reach consumers within your vicinity. The purpose of these Google Display Network additions is to help drive more action and engagement to local businesses. If a consumer needs something, they will know the deals and promotions going on locally.

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