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Marketing Hacks on a Budget that Work Well for Small Businesses

Inbound marketing strategies, such as the content you put out and your social media accounts, are good ways to market your company. However, there are also many benefits that come from using paid search combined with these tactics. See some of our great marketing hacks to stretch your budget to save money so you can start making money. 

Marketing Hack

3 Marketing Hacks to Utilize

1.      Use Long-Tail Keywords

If you are bidding on long-tail keywords, your odds of them being cheaper than a shorter keyword are much better. A long-tail keyword will also give you more specific results and better leads. By having a keyword specific to your location and product or service, it will allow you to only reach those who are actually looking for what you have to offer.

2.      Send Visitors to Highly Optimized Landing Pages

When sending a new user to your site, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention. If a site loads too slowly, 72 percent of online users will exit a page and if a mobile user is unable to figure out the site’s navigation 67 percent of mobile users will exit the page.

Many users will not buy the first time they go to a site, so making sure the page you send them to is highly optimized with a call-to-action, ability to subscribe to your newsletter, social media buttons or learn more about the product or service they are looking for is critical.

Marketing Hack

3.      Add Videos to your Landing Page

The most successful landing pages are those with a mix of content. Adding different touches, such as videos, will allow you to stand out from competitors and give your audience better insight on your product and services. A landing page that includes a video improves user experience and conversion rates by 86 percent.

The video doesn’t need to be a whole production, but something that gives your brand personality, showcases products, includes interactive elements and highlights recommendations about what they should do next is a great marketing hack.

These marketing hacks will allow your company to get their name out there while not breaking the bank. If you need help with marketing, contact Fat Guy Media.

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