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The Evolution of Your Website: Web Designing is Re-designing

A cab blazes by a busy downtown intersection its’ yellow exterior pops in the early morning light and a man steps out onto the sidewalk coffee and newspaper in hand. This is Jeff. Jeff’s in his mid-40’s, clean-shaven to the point of excess and seems to have an intimate relationship with his phone (he just can’t take his eyes off the thing). While some might grumble about him not paying attention to the world around him Jeff doesn’t care. Why? Because Jeff, like many Americans, is a small-business owner and he eats, breaths and sleeps with his company. A few years ago, he branched out on his own, founded his own firm, rented a place and put up his first website. None of it was state-of-the-art but that didn’t matter. There’s something liberating about starting off on your own for the first time; being your own boss, calling the shots and not having to deal with some characters that seem like they’re straight out of Office Space. But, a few years down the line all of the things that had once been shiny and new (the office space, the website, freedom, etc.) now are outdated and Jeff’s business is starting to decline as other firms are winning the online war. Jeff needs a way to strike back, to get customers lining up at the door again and recapture the blind optimism that he once had. Jeff needs a website redesign. While there are probably many Jeff’s out there, there are also those who may not share the same story but are experiencing a similar problem, an inability to compete online. Businesses today are shifting more and more towards digital, which can represent a bit of an obstacle for small businesses with limited budgets but is ultimately necessary if they want to keep their businesses open. With a small investment in a well designed website companies can regain their edge over their competition and gain access to greater streams of revenue. But how do you know when to make that investment and redesign your site?

Things to consider when redesigning your website

Jonathan Long, the President/CEO of Market Domination Media, believes that you should consider revamping and redesigning your website if you meet any of the following criteria (the version below is the abbreviated version, if you’d like the full list click on the description to your left). 1.) The design is outdated 2.) The Web design isn’t responsive 3.) Lacking a simple content management system (CMS) 4.) Poor search engine rankings 5.) Low conversions and high bounce rate 6.) Slow load time 7.) Not 100% confident and proud 8.) Ready for a change or rebrand Any of these reasons could turn potential customers away and that could result in a huge loss in revenue. A website redesign may seem like a costly endeavor but when you compare it to the potential revenue you can bring in that initial investment does not seem so bad. If you think you might need a website redesign please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Fat Guy team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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