Email Marketing Automation

What Exactly Is Email Marketing Automation?

An email marketing automation can be a game changing marketing technique, because these emails practically sell themselves. It is one of the most effective channels for marketing, because a user’s actions trigger email automation when they are in the correct mindset to buy something. When done successfully, email automation can be very beneficial to one’s companies.

Email Marketing Automation

Why Use It?

The emails are timely, organized and personalized to be hyper-relevant to the reader. The audience will open emails more frequently and drive more revenue for your business. You will send the right type of content to the right people at their best time. This in turn will equate to better responsiveness. It will help to create an easier nurturing of prospects through sales and support cycles and deeper relationships with customers and better responses. All of this is in hopes to lead to higher levels of brand recognition.

Two Different Types of Email Marketing Automation

1.      Create Trigger Emails Based Off Events

Create a blueprint for success. By planning a guide for your email marketing automation campaign, you can organize your emails by triggers in order to gain the most traction for your business. You can create:

  • Welcome emails after a sign-up
  • Confirmation emails after registering
  • Re-engagement emails after a period of non-activity
  • Subscription renewal emails

Email Marketing Automation

2.      Drip-feed Emails

Drip campaigns are composed of multiple emails being sent out at specific times and dates. Emails are sent out for the duration of a campaign and include a pre-written set of messages. When done correctly, these emails can become a great source of leads and extra revenue for your company. Drip campaigns can consist of:

  • Targeting competitors’ customers
  • Educational information
  • Training information
  • Promotions

Once you target your campaigns, design your emails specifically for your audience and test the emails, you’ll be able to nurture prospects to a sales-ready state of mind.

Email marketing automation is important because it is a way to convert more prospects and leads into buyers with the least amount of work. The main point of these emails is to engage your potential customers, not just to notify them. With a successful email marketing campaign, you will have the ability to build relationships with leads, current customers and past customers at the most convenient time for them.

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