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How to Forge a Relationship with Your Web Design Team

When you are looking for a web design team we’re sure that the first thing on your mind is, “Is this company going to give me the best website for the least amount of money.” You don’t want to spend too much (as you probably have a budget and would prefer to invest that money in other parts of your business) and you also want a website that will bring in potential customers and boost your online presence. And that’s all reasonable. But you’re missing one key component involved in hiring a web team; you need one that you have a relationship with. Maybe not one that you have a pre-existing relationship with but one that you can trust to handle your web design needs and who you can see (mostly) eye to eye with. Listed below are a few tips that should help you find and establish a long lasting and positive relationship with your new web team.

3-Steps to a Better Relationship with Your Web Design Team

1. Be honest, be open

In any relationship communication is key. If the two parties (you and your web design team) communicate then you can bet that that relationship will be a productive one. So whether it’s your budget or how you feel about a certain design just tell us. We’ll work with you to find a design that works for you and a budget that is reasonable for both parties.

2. Be timely

At times your website may experience unforeseen problems and you will want to have that fixed as quickly as possible. If you are frequently checking and responding to the e-mails your web design team sends you, you won’t have to worry about certain problems that inevitably pop up in the web design process. Without an open line of communication between the two of us our relationship, like any relationship, could get a little rocky. And honestly, we would prefer rainbows and butterflies as often as possible.

3. Set Goals

Before we meet try to come up with some goals that you would like your website to meet (and so we can conduct a marketing campaign analysis at a later date). That way when we actually meet we can work together to outline a plan for your website. We, as your web design team, can discuss how it should be performing in the first month, second month, where you would like to see your website rank, what your hopeful conversation rate is and so on. It will also serve as a marker for how well our relationship is doing as we are promising you a service and, if you allow us the freedom to practice our expertise, we can take your website to places it has never been before.

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