How Social Media Can Help Your Brand

How a Social Media Marketing Plan Could Launch You to New Heights

Implementing a social media strategy can be difficult, it can be stressful and, if you’re not familiar with it, it can be downright frustrating. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. Social media should be fun; it should give you an opportunity to connect and engage with potential customers and most importantly it should be one of your greatest marketing assets. Most people today understand that if you have a small business (or any kind of business for that matter) then you’re going to need a well designed website and some sort of presence on social media. Still, there are those that have decided to not go online or explore the realms of social media. Being uncertain about social media is fairly natural. It’s fairly new and without a lot of exposure it may seem a little daunting. Listed below are the top three reasons we hear when people refuse to take part in social media and what you can do to turn what may be perceived as a potential liability into one of your companies greatest assets.

1   Not Enough Time

Not having enough time is perhaps the most popular reason people decide to avoid social media. We can’t really blame them. When you’re running your own small business your time is probably pretty well booked which can make it difficult to establish a social media presence. But, if you’re serious about implementing a social media strategy here are two steps you can take. Option 1Hire a Social Media Specialist: This route can go a couple different ways so to make it a bit simpler we’re going to break down the two most popular options. Firms that are trying to establish themselves on social media typically hire either a full-time manager or they outsource the job to freelancers. These specialists will know all of the tricks of the trade giving you access to social media gold and will allow you to spend time elsewhere. Just be sure they’re in it for the long haul as you don’t want to keep looking for (and training) new managers. Option 2 – An Hour of Social Media a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: Or, it at least gives you some sort of presence on social media. While we would not highly recommend this option, as your results will likely not compete with someone who has extensive experience with social media it’s at least a start. It will also give you some insight into the industry, which could be useful if you hire someone in the future to manage your accounts.

2   It Just Doesn’t Fit into My Overall Marketing Strategy

You don’t want to hit a square peg into a round hole so it’s important to identify how you’ll tie social media into the bigger picture. The first step you can take is to take your strategic goals for the year and find out how social media can help you reach those goals. Goals can be anything from the amount of leads social media brings in to the amount of profit you’re bringing in from the various platforms monthly. So start setting goals and watch your social media presence soar.

3   I’m Not Sure My Customers are on Social Media and If They Were I Don’t Know What They’d Want to See

Not knowing what your customers want to read, see or do is a major problem that your business will have to swiftly address because such a lack of knowledge could have a cataclysmic effect on your business. Social media is there to bridge that gap so if you want to know what your customers are thinking there are a few ways to address the issue without having to read their minds. Instead of using superpowers, try asking them what they’d like to see from you, use analytics and big data to see what people are looking at and responding to and keep up with (or ahead) of the trends in your industry. If you can do all of that there’s a good chance that you will go from having an average social media presence to an awesome social media presence. Social media is an integral part of running any kind of business (big or small) today because without it you’ll have a very difficult time attracting potential clients. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation please don’t hesitate to contact us at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at Social Media for Small Business

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