Fat Guy Takes LI: Getting Healthy with Nutrish Mish!

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Even though it only just started warming up outside, bikini season will be here before we know it. After the unbearably cold winter we’ve had, battling winter vortex storm after storm, we might’ve packed on a few extra pounds to keep from freezing (that’s the excuse we’re going with). That’s why now is the time to really get your butt in gear and focus on shaping up! We paid a visit to local nutrition expert Nutrish Mish with our Google Glass to learn a thing or two about healthy eating choices and how to treat our bodies right. Nutrish Mish stole our hearts from the day we laid eyes on her company branding—we’ve got a soft spot for stellar design work. Her branding is too cute, and perfectly appealing to any audience that’s looking to get fit with someone fun and trendy. Michelle is a nutritionist and exercise physiologist who makes a genuine effort to really get to know her clients on a personal level, and works closely with them to build fitness programs that are tailor made to suit each client’s individual needs. Michelle isn’t alone in the Nutrish Mish mission—her business is rapidly growing, and with it her team continues to expand, adding more and more fitness pros who want to help everyone get healthy. Nutrish Mish currently operates consultation services out of three locations:  The Karate Academy in Bethpage, Limitless Athletics in Holbrook, and Innovative Martial Arts in Commack. How often have you thought, “I should really make healthier eating choices…but I just don’t know what to eat!” That isn’t a concern for Nutrish Mish clients. Office appointments are available 7 days a week. Her concierge service comes in tiered packages, with everything you would need to become a healthy eater without leaving your house. Have you ever wished you had a health-conscious Jiminy Cricket to keep you from making poor diet choices? Nutrish Mish’s concierge services do just that, but via cell phone instead of having someone hanging out in your pocket (which is probably for the best, let’s be honest). Nutrish Mish runs a number of additional nutrition-focused programs to further educate people on how to live healthy lifestyles, and to foster a positive body image. Her program that most specifically zeros in on the latter is Nutrish Mish Teen, a comprehensive nutrition program specifically designed for teenage girls. With so much (mis)information available to teenagers on the internet, it’s important for young girls to have a source for reliable, factual information about how to take care of their bodies. This 12 week program transforms teens’ eating habits and sends their self-esteems soaring! Another program geared toward teens is her High School Seminar Series: Why Diets Don’t Work, and Other Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight. In this Healthy Start program, Michelle busts weight loss myths and replaces them with facts and tips to help people realistically reach their long term goals. Corporations are quickly learning about the benefits of having a healthy team, and Nutrish Mish is helping to bring this realization to companies across Long Island. NMi for Business is Nutrish Mish’s program for corporate wellness, which offers seminars, fitness challenges, individual counseling, and body composition analysis for company employees. Healthy employees are better for business, as more and more studies publish findings that companies that provide wellness programs regularly save more in health insurance costs and employee sick time, and are generally more efficient and productive. So What Happened When We Went to See Nutrish Mish? We learned a lot, that’s for sure, and we had a lot of fun doing it. Michelle ran through an initial client analysis as she would if I were just signing on for her consultation services, taking my stats and putting me on her fancy scale to record my measurements. She asked me questions about my eating habits and health history, and gave me tips and pointers throughout our conversation about ways to improve my usual routine. We also played around at the Holbrook facility—I showed off my terrible running form while I demonstrated how Google Glass works in action for Michelle, and Fil demonstrated how to do the perfect chin-up. If your routine could use a bit of fine-tuning, or you need any nutrition or fitness help at all, we highly recommend Nutrish Mish for all your nutrition needs! Not only will you get awesome, useful advice, but she and her Nutritshionistas are super sweet and their positivity is contagious. What else could you ask for in someone who’s job is to turn you into the best you that you can be?! Connect with Nutrish Mish on Facebook for diet tips, fun facts, and to see some of her clients’ amazing transformation stories!

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