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First in Search: Fundamentals of SEO Marketing

Every business should recognize by now that SEO matters. Think about the way that you search for a service. Whether it be a restaurant, auto shop, or dentist, you’re turning to Google to see what’s available to you. Without SEO marketing, your business will not be found on the first page of search results.

Did you know that a whopping 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines? Understanding the fundamentals of SEO Marketing will stop you from being overlooked or never seen at all on the second page.

The Basics of SEO Marketing

Throughout all of Google’s updates to its algorithm, sticking to the basics has kept businesses afloat on the first page of searches. Here are three principles to keep in mind when developing your SEO marketing strategy:

Value-Added Content

Being active on your website and media platforms not only looks good to potential customers, but to Google as well. If a customer sees that a business has not posted on their social media accounts in years or if a website is clearly outdated with older references and no new content, they may question the validity of the business’s expertise. Likewise, Google promotes pages that are more active and provide more information for the benefit of users.

An easy way to provide fresh, valuable content is by posting blogs. Blogs provide a wealth of information along with opportunities for shameless self-promotion and a CTA (Call-To-Action).

SEO marketing

Good User Experience

Conversion opportunities are met when there is a clear path to get there. If you use a CTA in a social post and it leads to a broken link, you likely lost this lead. By creating a good user flow, one where a user can easily navigate to all relevant information to them, they will be more likely to complete the desired action.

You are also improving the user experience by making sure they are not waiting for pages to load. Losing visitors due to slow loading times can hurt your business in search rankings and cause you to miss out on business opportunities. Optimize your site to ensure you have a fast-loading time for the satisfaction of your users.

Staying with the Times

By now, every business should have a mobile-friendly website. We live in a mobile world, and if a user cannot easily access a website on their mobile device, they will be deterred from using that business’s services.

SEO marketing

A trend that is newer but no less relevant is the capabilities of voice search.  This feature is projected to stick around for the long haul. With this in consideration, it is important to optimize your website content with key-phrases and user-searched questions with the hopes of getting picked up by Google and used in voice results.

Make It Happen

Knowing that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine is proof positive that SEO marketing is crucial for having your business seen by online users. Following these three basic principles, you can spoon-feed customers all of the right information and actions until they become a lead. If you need help getting started, the experts at Fat Guy Media are here for you!

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