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The Benefits of Utilizing Social Media Video for Marketing

It’s no surprise that in our modern day, social media marketing is becoming one of the most useful methods for business promotion. With the ability to reach large sums of people, at a minimal cost, for both big and small businesses, it’s a no brainer to adopt this technique. Within just regular social media marketing however, there is one specific way to get your message across best and that is to use social media video. Due to the high rates of performance, social media video has become a must have.

3 Reasons Social Media Video is a Must Have

1. Boosts Conversions and Sales

People have a much higher rate of remembering visual representations rather than something they hear, subsequently, making videos the best way for people to remember your company. A video can easily portray the benefits the customer will receive by buying your product. Users that were able to watch a video about a product were 74 percent more likely to purchase it, studies show.

Social Media Video

2. Has the Most Engagement

It is proven that videos give companies the largest ROI or Return on Investment. Facebook, which has over 2 billion users a month, has reported that video is its highest performing content type with over 100 million hours of video watched every day. Instagram receives 67 percent more engagement rates on a video than on a photo. People need convenience in their life and social media videos are commonly watched on mobile devices. This means that people can have access to your information whenever and wherever they may need it.

Social Media Video

3. Builds Trust

Your leads won’t become buying customers without having trust in your company; that is where videos come in. When a customer can engage with your company it builds trust, and makes them want to come back for more. Videos cause people to spend more time on your site, allowing google to deem it as important, giving you a good ranking in SEO. The better ranking your site has in SEO, the more likely new customers will be able to find and trust your company.

Social Media Video

The audience you want to reach is most likely already on social media and interacting with your brand. However, if you aren’t reacting back with them you are wasting precious time and resources. No matter what social media platform you prefer, odds are, video is the most effective way to get your word out. Don’t waste any time, contact Fat Guy Media to set up a new website that is compatible for videos.

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