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What Can you Do about an Outdated Website?

Whether it simply hasn’t been maintained or it looks outdated, the potential pitfalls of outdated websites are clear. Here’s what you can do to preserve the investment you made in your website.

The 3 Main Web Maintenance Options for Aging Sites

1. Do Nothing

As you might have guessed, we don’t recommend this option. Unfortunately, however, it’s the route taken by most businesses with outdated websites. And we understand. The prospect of investing time and money in website maintenance might seem like it’s not worthwhile.

In reality, there are tons of risks that can arise from not updating your website, from security hazards to a poor return on the money invested in the site in the first place.

There are also considerable opportunity costs. Your website is the ultimate digital marketing hub. A website that’s not up to par can seriously harm your ability to market your company online, which amounts to lost revenue in the end.

2. Assign it to Someone In-House

So many times, we’ve seen companies assign website maintenance and even digital marketing at-large to an existing employee who’s internet-savvy. This almost always doesn’t pan out.

First of all, that person already has other tasks to handle. Either these tasks or website maintenance is going to be neglected at some point.

Second, while that person might be internet-savvy, they’re most likely not a professional when it comes to websites. There’s a good chance that the solutions they implement won’t be cost-effective or result in optimal performance.

3. Find a Professional

The final option: find a professional. Whether it’s a freelancer or a web design agency that has a proven track record of maintaining company websites, this is your best bet.

In most cases, for a flat monthly fee, you can hire a professional to host your website, perform vital updates, monitor security and much more.

On the occasions that your website does experience issues (and it will!), this professional will be on-hand to help solve them.

If you’re wondering whether or not web maintenance is right for you, we’d be glad to offer a free Web Health Check.

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