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5 Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners Who Think Big

If you are a small business owner, you likely spend some nights awake wondering how to market your business. It may seem like there is no effective solution on a small business budget. However, with our five marketing ideas for small business owners, there’s no need to worry.

Simple Yet Effective Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Successful small business owners have always understood the power of marketing, but today it takes a little more than a company to win over customers. Our five pillars of effective marketing ideas for small business owners includes giveaways, content marketing, event planning and more.


Could you count the number of times you received a pen with a company name inscribed on it? Then again, could you count the number of times you threw the pen away? Old-fashioned small business marketing ideas don’t die; they adapt. Recently, All Island Transportation had a successful small business promotion, which was a backpack giveaway. The bright orange bags were inscribed with the company logo, locations, phone numbers and website. A creative, functional giveaway can improve your brand’s recognition in ways that a box of pens cannot.

Content Marketing

Since many forms of content marketing are inexpensive, they are perfect for small business owners. This blog, ‘5 Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners Who Think Big,’ is an example of content marketing.

Weekly Email

Just like any friendship, it pays for small businesses to stay in touch with their customers. An easy way to maintain contact is through a weekly email. Small business owners can update customers on new business developments, products or special offers.

Social Media

A smart marketing strategy for small business owners is to register with all of the major social networks as soon as possible. Whether your business goes social now or later, it’s best to claim your business’ name today.


By adding a blog to your website, you can keep the site fresh for your customers and for search engines that crawl the Internet. This will help drive more traffic to your website.


A strategy of keywords on your website, blog and social media can boost web search traffic.

Plan an Event

To keep your small business in the forefront of the public’s mind, it’s best to create an impression. Holding a memorable event is one way to create buzz for your small business. Throughout the 2015, the New York Lizards have been holding events surrounding their lacrosse game as a way to draw fans and gain exposure. With special themed nights, the Lizards created a special experience for their fans. Events like these can boost attendance, but they can also create loyal fans.


If you are wondering how to market your business on a budget, then look no further than the power of networking. Through relationship building, small business owners can gain exposure and win customers. The best networkers join groups like the Mineola Lions Club, which is a part of the world’s largest service organization. By building a Rolodex of local contacts, small business owners can better market themselves and their company.

Generate Goodwill

If you are wondering how to market your business, don’t overlook the power of supporting a worthy cause. Meadowbrook Dental Care recently donated their services to the less fortunate in conjunction with a non-profit, Dentistry from the Heart. An event like this one can gain customers for a small business through positive word-of-mouth. A good reputation developed through goodwill is invaluable for a small business. By following our five small business marketing ideas, small business owners big dreams can become a reality.

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