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Content Writing Tips for Producing Persuasive Web Copy

If you need to know one thing about the marketing industry, it’s that content is truly king. Therefore, effective, high-quality copywriting should never be taken for granted. When used effectively, it can be the deciding factor when acquiring a lead and eventually turning that lead into a full-fledged customer. To make the best use of your content writing, follow these expert tips and tricks.

The Guide to Perfecting your Content Writing for Web

Recognize your Target Audience

The first trick of compelling content writing begins with zeroing in on your target audience. This is the intended demographic that your products or services are aimed at.

Since the main goal of your copy is to appeal to your target audience, you must conduct extensive research to fully comprehend the tone and style that will resonate the most with them. You wouldn’t market to teenagers the same way you would to senior citizens.

More often than not, the goal is to understand your target audience’s problems so that you can highlight the benefits of your product and the solutions it will provide. If you don’t accurately understand your target audience, your message will either be misdirected or uninformed.

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Write to be Understood

For the most part, it’s a best practice to use familiar words as a way to accurately and succinctly get your message across to readers. For instance, a reader is more likely to understand a word like “inexpensive” rather than “cost-effective” if they’re skimming a piece of copy.

This will help you communicate your offer in as few words as possible to best suit the attention spans of your readers. You can also do this by:

  • Using short paragraphs/sentences
  • Cutting out unnecessary, filler words
  • Avoiding the passive voice
  • Utilizing bullet points

Similarly, you should generally avoid writing overly wordy, complex or clever copy. Those types of sentences tend to waste valuable space for text and can sometimes even confuse readers.

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One of the primary goals of effective copywriting is to use keywords and terms that rank well in search results pages. These types of keywords will have a high volume of monthly searches and low competition.

Before you start writing any copy, conduct keyword research on sites like Hubspot or Google Keyword Planner to see which terms have the best ranking prospects. This will help you determine the most effective keywords to use in your copy.

Once you’ve determined keywords that you plan to write about, sprinkle them here and there throughout your content, just never too much. A high concentration of repetitive keywords can often mark a page as spam under the typical SEO guidelines– so avoid doing that as much as you can.

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Compelling, engaging content writing can set some companies apart from their competitors, so make sure that you use these tips to the best of your ability.
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