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How to Decide if a Branding Agency is Right for You

Why are you in this business? What is your mission, vision and values? Who is your ideal customer? What is the market you want to enter into? How do you keep your brand promise? These are important questions that once answered, will be how your company is branded. Now the question arises, should you hire a branding agency or an in-house marketing team to help promote your business?

Branding agency

Why a Branding Agency is the Way to Go

Cross Industry Experience

An in-house marketing team, are only experts in a particular industry, creating a lack of cross-industry knowledge. A branding agency has the advantage of having worked across multiple industries. Branding agencies have a broad knowledge of how different stakeholders in other industries may affect different brandings and how to strategically position each of their clients to benefit them best. Their knowledge allows them to bring new ideas to the main industry a client wants to be in.

Branding agency

Experts in the Field

Being that the people at agencies are experts in the field of rebranding, they will be able to offer best-in-class research, strategy and identity services that an in-house marketing team would not be able to deliver. Branding agencies can bring in different types of opportunities for the different demographics you are trying to break into.

Besides the research behind branding, you also need graphics and design expertise in order to solidify your corporate identity. With a branding agency, you will have multiple talented graphic designers working on your project and pitching the best ideas, until the perfect one is created. They have a well-developed branding process, based off of the design research and strategy due to their practice with other projects before yours.

Branding Agency

Ongoing Brand Management

Once you partner with an agency to help build your branding, they will be invested in both your brand and your business, making sure that it is working for your company as best it should be. They can help to create more campaigns that will be successful. No one knows a company’s brand better than those who helped to create it.

When hiring an in-house branding team, it is unlikely that you have the funds to hire the mass of employees actually needed to achieve the best possible results your company can have.  Between their research and design expertise, constant attention to detail, and knowledge of the field, a branding agency will be able to place you in a position for your business to succeed.

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