Long Island Marketing | Content vs Propaganda

Berlin, 1936 – Waves of heat rose to greet the lithe limbs of athletes, exhausted from exertion, as they awaited the gunshot that would signal the next 100 meters. When it went off, one man would single-handedly tear down the Aryan demi-gods from their porcelain pedestals. He did it in 10.3 seconds. Toppling propaganda might be America’s favorite past-time. Say what you will about baseball, we have made sport of forcibly removing propagandists since before we started throwing tea into Boston Harbor. We do love a good propagandist though; someone who makes us overlook the facts, trust in mistruths and further the belief that we can be something more than what we are (which we can). To be good at Long Island marketing, you need to understand subtlety, deception and espionage, but you also need to value your customer as a living, breathing, human being who deserves your best day-in, day-out, no matter the cost. If you can do that, if you can put that much care into the content you produce, then you’re ready for that next 100 meters.

Successful Long Island Marketing is Good Storytelling

They say good storytellers are even better liars. They also say that good writers can only write about what they know. Luckily, they very rarely, if ever, are right. All you need is the ability to transform empathy into a compelling narrative, rather than shaping your entire campaign around a lie. Your customers deserve your best, so save the espionage and deceit for your competitors. We don’t want there to be any confusion. Long Island marketing is not always a battle against other businesses. Most of the time, it’s just you fighting to get better on your own. Whether that’s creating better buyer personas, implementing a better social media marketing strategy, rebranding, trying a new email template, adjusting your web design, you can always get better. At times you might question if your efforts are worth it, if the time you’re spending on developing content will actually appeal to your audience. Truthfully, you might throw a lot of it away before you develop a competitive strategy. It happens. What matters is that you do have a strategy that can put you ahead of the competition and in the good graces of your customers. That’s it. Eventually, liars will be torn down and propagandists thrown into the harbor, but examples of Long Island marketing exceptionalism will become the content that improves the lives of the three million people living in Nassau and Suffolk County. It doesn’t matter how big your business is, or the depth of your pocketbook, inbound marketing gives you the opportunity to affect real change in the world. And instruments of change have made a strange habit of winning medals instead of participatory ribbons.

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