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Starting a Business Blog: Your Recipe for Success

Starting a business blog from scratch can be a bit overwhelming. The sheer amount of information and content you are responsible for can, and will, take up a majority of your time as you sort through keywords, find content and consider what your audience will be most interested in reading. Pile that on top of your current responsibilities at your place of employment and work may suddenly become a second home (but not in the way you intended). It may also affect the quality of your work as your blog pulls precious time away from your other work. If you have noticed that your business blog has put a considerable amount of strain on your business or is not achieving the high standards that you expected when it first launched then it may be time to bring in a pair of helping hands. Our team of experienced copywriters will work together with you to create a blog that you can be proud of and we will be in communication with you every step of the way. Listed below is our general recipe for starting a business blog from scratch. We hope you enjoy!

How to Start a Business Blog in Two Steps

(1)     Come Up With a Strategy Copywriting is a lot like cooking. When you first start a blog from scratch you have a set number of ingredients that you need to turn into a meal. The only difference is that the ingredients for your fledgling business blog do not include a variety of vegetables, protein, herbs and spices. Your ingredients are less physical, more subjective and will take a lot of trial and error before you perfect the recipe. And like most recipes there is one ingredient that supersedes all the rest. We have listed yours below.

  • Understand Your Target Persona

These guys are the center of your dish. They read your business blog, they drive traffic up and if they are not working for you they will be for somebody else. We will do plenty of analytics research to find out your target audiences demographic information as well as what they seem to be most responsive to. With that in hand we can tailor your blog to their needs (as well as your own) and help it grow. (2)    Publish Content Alright, so we found our recipe. We have a general idea of what we need to make. Now we just need to make it. Using the information provided by your target persona we will create content that matches both the style of writing they are looking for (direct, humorous, etc.) and coincides with the information they want. With enough useful and relevant information as well as proper search engine optimization (SEO) we will be able to generate more traffic, increase your brands internet presence and potentially drive up sales. Starting a business blog is hard, but it does not need to be. Hiring a digital marketing agency will give you the tools you need to create a productive presence online. If you have any further questions about web design or copywriting please feel free to give us a call at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at

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