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What is Responsive Web Design and How Could it Help Your Redesign?

By now you probably understand why getting a web redesign can be a good idea. But very few articles tell you when you need one. Some small businesses even try to avoid it altogether as web redesigns can get fairly expensive (and it also takes a lot of time). Avoiding it for too long though may result in your greatest digital marketing asset fading into the darkness of page 10 of Google Search. Nobody wants that. And it can end up costing your business lots of money. Getting a redesign does not mean that you have to re-do the design of every element of your brand. You might just have to update certain parts of those elements in order to make your site a little more functional. So, instead of thinking that a web redesign will involve a major overhaul of your brand. Think about it more as a revamping of outdated elements on your website. Listed below are two reasons as to why you may want to consider such a revamping. (1)     Your Website Is Not Performing Well You may have tried to design the website yourself, or you may have hired a company to do it, either way if the website is not performing the way that you had expected then it may be time to either re-evaluate your expectations or your website. If your expectations were reasonable then it may be a design problem. Weaknesses could include weak landing pages, too much text on the page or a tone that is inappropriate for your industry. All of which will negatively affect your conversion rates and the overall effectiveness of your website. (2)    You do not have Responsive Web Design According to Hubspot and Statista, mobile phones account for 17% of global web usage. Which means you need a website that users can access not only from their desktop, but from their phones and tablet as well. Responsive web design will keep your customers viewing experience the same on all three devices making it easier for them to navigate. Responsive Web Design results in higher conversion rates and you only have to spend money on one website, instead of having to pay a designer to design three separate sites. Cheaper and more effective, a responsive web design should definitely be a part of your web redesign. Here at Fat Guy Media we specialize in responsive web design that meets the needs of our wide array of clients. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultations please feel free to give us a call at 516-535-5353 or e-mail us at

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