Content Marketing Guide

The Content Marketing Guide For Beginners

Here at Fat Guy Media we offer a couple of different services; we can design and troubleshoot your website (and other sites), we can manage your social media accounts and we can write and produce content for you (e-books, blogs, etc.). That’s what we do. What all of that does is another story. When we are talking to prospective clients they usually understand that they need to redesign their site and they have heard about the importance of having a social media page. But, when it comes to content they almost always ask, “Why?” It’s a good question. Because if you’re just getting into the digital media game you may not know what services are necessary and you don’t want to have to pay for a service that you may not need. So, we’d like to clear the air about our content marketing guide; what it is, why you should consider it and how it relates to your new website and social media pages (okay, so only two w’s and an h but still important questions to ask).

What is Content Marketing?

When a customer comes to your webpage they’re probably looking for something. Something that you probably offer and need to make readily available. Content marketing puts all of the relevant and valuable information about your company in an easy-to-access location. Content can cover anything from trends in your field to a blog about frequently asked questions (as long as that content addresses the needs and questions of your customers).

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Imagine buying a 3000 square foot home and never putting furniture in it. Content marketing material is kind of like the furniture that you put in your website. It customizes the experience and makes your website your own (especially when you put out original content) and gives you information that you can post and share on social media thereby increasing your exposure. Content also provides your customers with information that will persuade them (vaguely) to perform a given action thereby boosting your conversion rate. Content is also essential for Search Engine Optimization. Sites that offer the best, quality content will be favored by Google’s new search algorithm (a.k.a. Hummingbird). So as you go forward with your website remember to cater to your customers and to Google. Doing both will ensure a better overall rating for your site.

How Does it Relate to Web Design and Social Media?

Content marketing has a symbiotic relationship with both your social media pages and your website. A social media page or a website without content is essentially a misuse of resources (because your website will never get its’ feet off the ground). And content would not survive on its’ own without help from your website or social media assets. Your perfect content marketing plan should involve tying all three together and finding ways to consistently deliver the most engaging experience to a customer.

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