Why is Content King

Why is Content King?

The Internet has drastically changed the way we go about marketing. People search online with specific goals in mind. They type in a keyword and expect the search engine to generate websites with the exact answers they are looking for. It’s important your website has all the answers that person is looking for. So why is content king? Content, written out thoughtfully and methodically will provide the necessary answers people are searching. Content is the message your inbound marketing strategy delivers. Blogs, emails, social media posts and websites are merely knights defending and reinforcing the Content King. You have to specify the purpose of your pages. For instance, your about page should not have content about your services page. Stick to a main theme with each page. Content equals information and the information should be relevant and remarkable. According to HubSpot, the pre-internet was marketing, based on how much content you can fill in one space. This applies to billboards, taxi tops, newspaper ads, etc. Now, during the era of the Internet, there is an unlimited amount of content available. The tough part is competing with other content out there. Why is content king? HubSpot reports, 60% of the sales cycle is influenced by the content marketers create. 60% of the sales cycle is over before a visitor even talks to a salesman because of any unreliable content. It basically sounds like the sale is over before you even have a chance, but content is your chance to make or break a prospect. In order to have remarkable content, you need to know who you are addressing, and customize it to them. Creating buyer personas will help you to know the best ways you can target your audience. Once you know who your buyer personas are, create content that demonstrates how your product or services will benefit them. HubSpot’s 80/20 rule tells marketers and companies to discuss benefits of visitors 80% of the time. The remaining 20% will feature a company’s product or service. Content should be solution based, meaning it provides an answer to the person’s needs, first and foremost. So, why is content king? Knowing your audience and what will benefit them keeps them intrigued and willing to learn more. You know your buyer personas and how to benefit them, but in order to really customize to your buyer personas, you need to know what part of the buyer’s journey they are on. Are they in the awareness stage, consideration stare or decision stage? Knowing this will help you create the right material to publish your content on. A whitepaper or eBook is great for people in the awareness stage. With great content from a whitepaper, you can lead someone from the awareness stage to the consideration stage. Again, why is content king? Content allows you to help people move through the buyer’s journey by providing relevant information to them. Stuffing as much information into one space doesn’t work anymore. You have to be strategic about what you are going to write, who you are going to write to and how you are going to share what you write. Content deserves the crown in the kingdom of inbound marketing. So one more time, why is content king? Content is created off of the buyer persona and the buyer’s journey to be relevant and remarkable.

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