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Generating Leads from Twitter: 8 Steps to Success

Twitter is a great place to connect with friends, find out when your favorite artist is dropping their next album, or to complain to that restaurant who ruined your dinner last night. But when you’re trying to generate leads from Twitter, your tweets are going to need a few adjustments. With a few of these alterations you will be on your way to generating leads from Twitter like professional marketing guru. 

Focus on Conversion

You have found that perfect qualified lead and are ready to take action. It is important to remember that unlike a majority of tweets, the end goal here is not to get a long list of favorites, or even for your post to get shared. The ideal tweet for generating leads from Twitter is short, contains one link and a clear CTA. “Mentions” supported by an overflow of links is only going to clutter your message and leave unwanted room for distraction. Short and sweet.

Leave the # at Home.

Hashtags are a wonderful tool and have played a massive role in the progression of social media. It allows us to access specific topics as well as the conversations and content surrounding them. Benefits aside, when the end goal is set on generating leads from Twitter, leave the hashtags at home. Overpopulating a tweet with hashtags may distract your audience from clicking on a link.

Create a Daily Block of Time to Focus on Your Twitter Account

Twitter is a 24 hour machine that is constantly running. While you’re fast asleep in your NYC apartment, a bar in London is sharing the “cocktail of the night”. While you’re wiping the fog out of your eyes and showing off that perfect breakfast sandwich, a businessman is walking out of his office for the night in Dubai. Luckily, donating just small block of time daily to schedule your content distribution will keep you generating leads from Twitter 24 hours a day. Using a 3rd party program such as Hubspot allows you schedule your content to post at any time.

Find your hotspot

Timing, one of the largest keys to success. People enjoy talking about breakfast and the morning weather, controversy and dinner at night. Social media is a massive cyber community, formed by people who will react, consume, and respond like people. Use your social media monitoring tools to research the “hotspots” or best times for your brand to impact your industry. This will give you the best chance to generate leads from Twitter. Having this information gives you a block of pre-determined time to schedule your content helping you get to the right channels at the perfect hour.

Don’t be Boring

Although you do not want your tweets filled up with hashtags, mentions and links, they do not need to be boring! Just because you choose not to have the French Fries and soda does not mean the cheeseburger can’t have any toppings! Catch my drift? Spice it up a bit. When working to generate leads from Twitter, fill your tweets with questions, adjectives, and a variety that grabs your reader and locks them in.

Organic Vs. Paid

When generating leads from Twitter, it is important to evaluate your goals. Build your persona, understand who you are going after, and tweet with a purpose. It is important to have a balance between paid and organic tweets. While paid may up your followers at a faster rate, many searchers can pick out paid content by plain eye and will choose to avoid it completely. Find your middle point and allow your organic reach to supplement your paid tweets.

Spend Slowly

When developing your paid attack plan to focus on generating leads from Twitter it is important to start slow. Some methods are going to work and some are not. (Figure out what works best and provides the most ROI for each of your personas before you begin investing more and more money into your paid Twitter campaign)

Follow your LEAD

Inbound Marketing is a process made up from many different steps. Although you may have completed your task in the sales funnel, that does not mean it’s time for that lead to be thrown on the back burners. Allow your qualified lead to gain a little more trust in your brand.  Assure them that your services are not a one-time offer. Closing doesn’t always happen the first time around. Stick to the point, follow up quickly, and spend slowly. Interested in learning more about generating leads from Twitter? Check out the down our free handbook on Twitter Best Practices below. Or contact us at Fat Guy Media. Call us at 1-516-535-5353. Or email us at

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