Why is Context Queen

Why Is Context Queen?

You know that content is king and with every king comes a supporting queen. So, who is that queen? Context, and as the Queen she protects that throne very well. Context is used when you speak in the voice that attracts who you are writing to. Without context, your content might not be as relevant. Let’s recap on the Content King. Content is the message your inbound marketing strategy delivers. The right content specifies one goal per page. If you are making a page about your company’s services, then the content should only be about services. You know what content to write based on your target personas and what solutions they are looking for. This also applies to context. Why is Context Queen? It is important to know the demographic of your target personas so you know how to talk to your audience and get their attention. If you are targeting people who stay at home and take care of their kids, speak on a level that applies to them. If you are targeting people in businesses, you want to speak in a voice where you sound clear and professional. Know the needs and wants of your target audience so you can deliver them the right content with the right context.

What Makes Context Queen

There are a number of reasons as to why context heirs the throne as queen. Context, along with content, is what is needed to distribute the right information at the right time. Sending the right context and content at the right time is an important factor. The objective is to publish content at a time that benefits your target persona. So, if you are targeting personas who work during the day, you have to know when they go on the certain websites that you are publishing on. Usually, working people go on Facebook in the morning, during lunch time and in the late afternoon. By scheduling posts at those times, will increase the chances of your target persona seeing the post and paying attention to it. Timing would not mean anything if you aren’t distributing your content right. You could have the best content written with remarkable context that appeals to your target audience, but if it’s not distributed properly, how will they see it? One of the characteristics you must know about your target personas is what sites will they look to find information on. Do they respond well to blogs? Which social media platforms do they use? You need to distribute your content to the right sites so your target audience sees them. Context also applies to the different stages of the buyer’s journey. Writing in a voice that targets your audience and personalizes it to the correct stage of the buyer’s journey will help close leads into customers. For example, if you are trying to reach out to someone in the consideration stage, then your context and content should relate only to the consideration stage. This person has identified a problem or opportunity and is considering your company to be that solution to the problem or opportunity. So addressing them with the right context will best convince them that your company is the solution. The Content King cannot run his royal marketing kingdom without the Context Queen. Know how to speak to your target audience that benefits them instead of selling your product or service. Why is context queen? Context practices help you distribute and connect with your target audience at the right time. For more information on why context is queen, call us at 516-535-5353 or email us at sales@fatguymedia.com.  

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