Get Facebook Likes

How to Get Facebook Likes

Facebook has become a hub for brands to promote themselves with one common goal, driving business. Whether your team is looking to boost online sales, promote in-store event, raise awareness of your product or to inform people of your services, the race to get Facebook likes is on! In order to reach the largest possible crowd of potential future customers, you will first need to build your audience. Unlike a personal account, keeping unknown friends away from your page is the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. The target here is to get Facebook likes from people near and far who in one way or another have an interest or use for your brand. The Fat Guy Media team is here to get you started and help you get Facebook likes.

About Us, Is About You

Now that you have created your page, began to search around, and posted that perfect profile photo, it is time to work on your “about” section. The content in this section is just as important as the content on your website for it will be indexed by search engines, helping you draw traffic and get Facebook likes. We suggest:

  • A link to your website
  • Give your audience an overview of what your business has to offer and how you can help them. Tell them who you are.
  • Make it simple. In most cases your audience does not yet know you and may not yet fully understand what you do. Provide them any info that may allow them to further understand your brand.

Become a Person of Value

Becoming a valuable asset to your audience is a sure fire way to keep them returning to your page. If you do it right they will share it with others, supporting you in the effort to get Facebook likes. (If your company is a pet store, you may be of best value to those looking for a pet, pet food, or other pet supplies.) It is important to pinpoint your brands audience and supply them with accurate content in the proper context. If you have your buyer personas established, you will have a good idea what to publish. If you are not one for the Inbound Methodology, take some time to look into what types of content is attracting you. What are you clicking on and exploring? You can use your findings to help produce future posts. The more useful your brand becomes to a person, the more inclined they become to share with their network of friends and followers which then further boosts your effort to get Facebook likes.

This isn’t freeze tag. Getting tagged is the goal

Tagging others in a status or post is a great way to network value. By tagging people who may have taken part in the content creation, or those who may find the content valuable you add publicity. You can tag a person or a page simply by pressing the @ symbol and then the name of the person/business you wish to tag. This can help you get Facebook likes by your content now being viewed by others who originally may not have come across your channel.

Find us on Facebook

Like any good campaign, you are going to want to promote in as many places as possible. Take advantage of all other distribution outlets to lead new people back to your page, allowing you to get Facebook likes. If your brand has a website, blog, email blast or other pages, use Facebook’s social plugins such as Like Box or the Like Button to get Facebook likes without people having to leave their current page. Maybe your business has a larger presence other than digital. Maybe A storefront? Marketing vehicle? A sign in the outfield at the local stadium? Place stickers or banners in easy site promoting your page and include your Facebook URL. The more views the merrier when it comes to promoting your page and getting Facebook likes.

Facebook Advertising: Pay for Likes

Facebook offers a wide variety of advertising tools. The “Page Like Ad” is a great choice to get Facebook likes and grow your audience. This feature allows you to target people in a selected age range, interests, and other data based on your buyer personas’ and present them with a Call-to-Action style “like page” ad on either their News Feed or the right hand column of their feed. This tool becomes highly important when attempting to get Facebook likes after you have exhausted the options of reaching out and sharing with your existing contacts. Facebook’s targeting capabilities are your friend and will be a key player in increasing your Facebook likes. The ability to get Facebook likes is not the only key to social success for your business. However, following this 5 step guide will get you off to a well-directed start. For more tips and tricks on conquering social media and growing your brand, check out our blogs at

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