Working from home

Working from Home Doesn’t Need to Affect your Marketing

It’s no secret that the coronavirus is putting a strain on small businesses and marketers nationwide. Since the beginning of February, the search interest for coronavirus has increased by 260 percent globally. In New York State all members of the non-essential workforce are now working from home in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. During these stressful times, there are a few tips that businesses can follow to help you to stay on track with marketing.

Working from home

4 Ways those Working from Home Can Keep Marketing on Track

1.      Review your accounts

Continue to keep track of all of your accounts, especially your paid search and social. The market keeps changing so how your accounts are doing may also continue to change. This is a crucial time to also review what others are commenting, to make sure no one is spreading misinformation in the comments.

2.      Communicate changes

Communication is key, with both clients and employees. It’s easy for things to get confusing when everyone is working from home, so being clear and concise with everything you are doing is the best way to ensure that your business continues to run as normal and efficiently as possible.

Working from home

3.      Adjust your strategy

Things are changing quickly and new information is being released every day. As marketers, you must stay on top of all of these announcements and updates. Changing your marketing strategy to align with what is happening in the world is the best way to show your clients that you are the experts and not falling behind.

4.      Keep checking in

Coronavirus has been affecting the health and safety of many people around the world. Your business is more than just your product or service; having a successful business has a lot to do with the lasting relationships you create with your customers. By checking in and allowing your customers to know you are here for them and you understand their concerns for these uncertain times, you will create brand equity that will continue on much longer than the coronavirus.

Take the stress off of yourself and your employees by calling in some experts for help, a professional marketing team. During these concerning times, giving yourself one less thing to worry about will be a weight lifted off of your shoulders. A marketing company knows all of the best practices to ensure that your company is staying on top of everything.

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