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How to do a Domain Name Search like a Digital Marketing Pro

Your domain name search is a pivotal part of the branding your business. The URL you select will appear in search bars and search engines over and over for as long as your website is live. To make the most of this exposure, marketing pros have a system to help them find the best available domain name. If you are launching a new website or are thinking of rebranding, learn to pick a domain the professional way.

Doing a Domain Name Search? Try these 5 Tips and Tricks

1)      Research Available Options

Research is the first step to finding the perfect domain name, because the reality is that many URLs have already been snapped up.

The first step of a domain name search is to make a list of potential URLs. Then, check into whether these names have been already used, trademarked or copyrighted by another company.

If you get stuck,, a website hosting company, has a terrific search tool that will tell you about available domain names.

2)      Align your Domain Name and your Brand

Although it’s common to use a company name, sometimes this is not the right move. Frequently, the names of businesses are too long or not specific enough to the products or services they provide.

For example, the name of a law firm that includes five partners is probably not be the best choice for a URL. Instead, a better option would be to choose a domain name that lets everyone instantly know the focus of the business, like Campagna Johnson, P.C.’s URL:

A graphic of a domain name search

3)      Make it Short, Simple and Memorable

As you sort through potential URLs, consider domain names that make it easy for internet searchers to read, recognize and remember it.

In a domain name search, a professional trick is to look for available URLs that are unique, help differentiate a company and appeal to its target audience.

A short, sweet and hopefully catchy name can help to improve new and returning web traffic. However, a long, difficult-to-remember name can actually do more harm than good.

4)      Target your area

Another smart digital marketing strategy is to pick a URL that includes the business’ neighborhood, city or state right in the domain name. This gives potential customers a quick idea of what to expect on your website.

For example, a local company could include “LI” or “NY” somewhere in their URL.

A graphic of a URL picked during a domain name search.

5)      Shoot for a Top Level Domain

Although there are more options than ever before, it’s still best to stick with the tried and true domain extensions. A .com or .org URL is preferable to a lesser known extension. A top level domain is one factor that will help your website rise to the top of search engine results pages.

Just like every other part of business branding, it’s important to put thought into your domain name search. Your URL will likely be around even after it is time for a website redesign

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