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How to Tweet Your Way to the Top and Boost Engagement

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Spring’s here everyone! The warmer temperatures have brought the birds back and, if you are up early in the morning, you know how much they like to talk. Some of their conversations are song-like while others are more like this, which can drive even the calmest person to test the threshold of their patience. Despite their shortcomings, birds have inspired people for centuries. We have all had dreams of sprouting wings and being free to fly wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted, but it wasn’t until recently that we decided we wanted to converse like our flying friends. With approximately 241 million monthly active users, Twitter has taken the internet by storm and has encouraged people and companies to interact through what we now call “tweeting.” Here’s how to tweet your way to the top and improve your social media marketing.

How to Tweet Effectively – 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Is Anybody Listening? Is Anyone Even There?

If a bird tweets in the forest, and no one hears it, did it happen? Philosophy aside, if you’re a bird alone in the forest and no one’s there to hear you, you’re a pretty lonely bird. Understand the migratory patterns of your clients and consumers. When are they online? Where do they access Twitter from? What keywords or hashtags will they be searching for? When you have an answer to all of those questions, you increase your chances of being heard by being in the right forest at the right time.

Is What You’re Saying Valuable to Your Audience?

Value has a lot to do with understanding what information is relevant to your audience. The more relevant the information, the greater the chance people will read your content and engage with you online. If you want to know how to tweet effectively, then you’ll want to keep tabs on your audience. Posting irrelevant information represents a quick and effective way to make the customer-corporate relationship awkward, real fast. Take the superb lyrebird for example. The native Australian feathered-creature can mimic pretty much any sound it hears (in this case a chainsaw). Now, it’s mating season and the male lyrebird decides to use that chainsaw noise as his mating call. Pretty cool, right? Wrong. Because what if the other lyrebird had formerly lived in a tree, a really nice tree, it had been living the high life when one day it woke up to the mighty WWZZZZZBBBRRRRRR of a chainsaw slicing through wood. Next thing she knows, she’s on the ground, now homeless, and all of a sudden she hears this other lyrebird make a sound like a chainsaw. She goes crazy and attacks him. He watches her walk away, lying on the forest floor in a pile of feathers and grief, wondering what went wrong. That’s what can happen when people tweet irrelevant content, so try to keep it relevant and valuable.

Would You Want to Listen to Yourself Tweet?

With all of the tweets on Twitter, do you think potential clients will take time out of their day to read what you post? If the answer is yes, then you nailed it. If not, then it may be time to re-evaluate and look back at questions one and two. In an ideal world, there would be plenty of time to develop quality content, but, unfortunately, there are deadlines to be met. Try to focus on quality as much as you can, because poor content can damage your brand. Be proud, be confident, and avoid irrelevant content like that lyrebird will avoid mimicking the chainsaw. Use all of those principles and you will have officially learned how to tweet. Happy tweeting! Click here to download our free inbound marketing checklist.

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