Market an Event

Event Marketing 101: How to Market an Event with Paid Advertising

You’ve been doing all the planning and organizing, and you’re ready for your event to launch, so what’s the last step before the big function? Advertising your event and making sure it is well attended! A sure way to guarantee guests attend is to market your event to your target audience. When you market an event correctly, it will help determine how successful the event will be. There are a few ways you can go about marketing an event, and a popular way is through paid advertising.

Market an Event

Market an Event with Paid Marketing

Marketing your event with paid marketing means creating ad campaigns or putting money behind social media to ensure a larger audience sees it. Paid advertising is an efficient and effective way to get your name noticed by your target audience. However, when creating paid ads, you don’t want just to throw money behind anything. It’s essential to do your research and determine which strategy will be most successful for you. When utilizing paid ads, follow these steps to ensure it is most effective:

1.      Customize the language on your ads

Whether it is a display ad or search ad, it is vital that your audience, at just a glance, will understand what it is that you’re trying to promote. Google Ads has become very advanced and can easily benefit you when trying to market an event.

If you want to get very specific when creating a search ad, you can. On Google search ads, you can include customized language that will either give a countdown to when your event starts or add the remaining number of tickets left to purchase. Allowing your audience to know time is running out will increase their urgency and encourage the purchase sooner.

2.      Make sure to add end dates to your campaign

Nothing is worse than trying to promote an event that has already passed. Make sure the money you are using to promote your function is being put to good use, and you are reaching the largest relevant audience possible before the big day. As soon as an event has passed, it’s important to stop all ads and takedown landing pages. This will ensure no one will accidentally land on these pages, skewing the reporting.

3.      Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social Media is arguably one of the best places to promote your event, and Facebook Ads make it that much simpler. When using Facebook Ads to market an event, you’ll be able to boost your event social posts regarding the event giving you the option to target a specific audience and set a daily budget, so you don’t overspend.

It’s important to note, most users are viewing their social media feeds via a mobile device. So, anything that you want to be seen on your social must be optimized for mobile.

Market an Event

Contact Fat Guy Media for Help

If you’re looking to use paid marketing to market your event, contact Fat Guy Media. Being a Long Island based business, we know exactly where you should be targeting to receive the best results for your event.

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