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Beyond Email Blasts: The Benefits of Using a Funnel Strategy

A staple in your marketing campaigns should be email blasts. They are an efficient and effective way to get in touch with prospects at the most advantageous time. Incorporating email marketing into your campaigns is a must. While other forms of marketing can be effective, such as social media, email marketing is one of the few platforms that you completely own. By growing your email lists, you can constantly engage with prospects and guide them down the sales funnel until they are customers. 

Successful Email Blasts

You need to create email content based off of the point at which each customer is within the sales funnel. This allows you to address their exact pain points, to continue motivating them down the funnel until they’re a buyer. An email blast is not esoteric. It’s a great way to reach multiple email recipients who may be in the same spot in their buyer’s journey to guide them through the rest of the sales funnel.

Creating an Email Marketing Sales Funnel

The most important tip: give your prospects the information they need, when they need it.

Email Blasts


When you are sending a prospect their first email, to make them aware of your brand, it’s best to start off with informational and educational content. Emailing information such as the company mission, values explanation and proof of experience within your industry is a good start.


Once you’ve educated your prospects on your brand and company, it’s time to start incorporating some information that will pique their interest on the products or services you have to offer. You can email them proof of product or service successes and also some how-to content.

Email Blasts


Finally, when the prospect is in their decision phase, send them email blasts of all of the sales and deals you currently have going on so they convert to a customer. You can email them customer reviews, testimonials, cart abandonment reminders, and the benefits of your product or service.

As you create a relationship with email subscribers, you can introduce incentives. These will encourage your customers to stay engaged with your company and continue purchasing. The benefits of using email blasts to ease your prospects down the sales funnel is being able to customize emails to suit the prospect’s exact needs. With a successful email marketing sales funnel approach, you can create lifelong customers.

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