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Facebook Pages Redesigned For Mobile

Are Facebook pages being redesigned for mobile use?

Yes they are.  Many people may not have noticed this yet, but as of yesterday Facebook has begun rolling out the redesign to fan pages.  Facebook has been tip toeing around with this redesign and keeping it very tightly under wraps.  This redesign/update is now on display on Facebook’s mobile web and iOS apps.  It will soon be released for Android and then ported later to the desktop pages version, Facebook said in a recent email statement. These Facebook pages are constantly evolving.  It seems like the company cannot just stick with one user interface.  Sometimes this comes to its users as a hassle, but other times, the changes are welcomed.  Facebook unveiled this new look for mobile brand Facebook pages which aims to make key information more easily accessible.

This redesigned mobile app features a more streamlined design which adapts to smartphone screens.  The new design is geared more towards interaction versus content at the top of the page. When first arriving to the fan page, users are prompted to Like, Check In, Call, and More. Click the More button and you will open a menu with the option to Message, Share, Copy Link, and Report.  Below this, if a location is available, you will see a Map with your location and address, with the option to get directions.  Below this is another tab for even more information.  These changes have been done in order to make interaction between the user and the business faster. Additionally, the company business page displays a star rating and recommendations as well as an updated feed of relevant timeline posts by friends.  The desktop version of Facebook allows the businesses to pin posts near the top of their pages and switch between user and admin views of the fan page.  Updates for Facebook will be rolling out on your mobile devices in an attempt to curb competition from Google, Yelp, YP, and Foursquare to become an all in one business solution. It seems their business plan is working.  Local business Facebook pages are up to 15 million, which is 13 million more than in 2012.  Another important note is that this is the first time Facebook updated the mobile app before their desktop site, indicating their shift in focus to mobile.

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