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Boosting Conversion Rate with Proven Landing Page Tactics

Landing pages are one of many digital marketing tools that companies use to improve their lead generation and turn website visitors into paying customers. Its effectiveness is measured by a conversion rate, the percentage of visitors who become customers.

Enhance your Conversion Rate with Smart Landing Pages

The Function of Landing Pages

A landing page is an important part of the buyer’s journey. It’s optimized to target website visitors and obtain their information in exchange for an enticing offer. After engaging with a landing page, visitors will become leads and eventually potential customers, increasing your conversion rate. Usually, companies will use interesting and compelling content like:

  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Newsletters
  • How-to guides
  • Web seminars

Hold your Visitors’ Attention

On these web pages, you want to eliminate any possible distractions to ensure a clear focus on the offer. That includes removing site navigation. The sole purpose of your landing page is to encourage your website visitor to complete a form. If they have the option to explore other parts of your site, you may lose the opportunity to convert that visitor into a lead.

conversion rate


The first piece of copy on any landing page should be an enticing headline. You first want to make sure that your original call-to-action (CTA) and subsequent landing page headline are consistent with one another.

That means that if your CTA promises one thing, the following headline shouldn’t advertise something completely different. That type of bait-and-switch marketing is what loses customers’ trust time and time again.

Highlight the Offer

A good landing page will contain a brief summary of what the offer entails and its benefits. It should clearly communicate exactly why this offer can make this person’s life better.

You want them to be incentivized as much as possible to engage with your company and provide their information in exchange for this offer.

The text should be short and to the point. Long, dense paragraphs will overwhelm and distract a visitor, which might cause them to abandon your landing page altogether. It’s also wise to throw in a relevant image or animation and use bullet points. They will help break up your text.

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The Form

For the benefit of your company, the form is always going to be the most essential element of your landing page. This is where a visitor will provide you with valuable information, turning them into a lead.

However, you need to ensure the form is best suited for completion. That means only asking what is completely necessary, nothing extraneous. Common sense dictates that people in general are more likely to finish a form that asks less of them.

Completing the Form

Inevitably, when the visitor finishes filing out the form, there needs to be some sort of button for them to click-through and complete the process. Most of the time this button will simply read “Submit.”

Next time, ditch the formality, break the mold and have the button say exactly what your website visitor will receive by clicking through. For instance, if the offer is for a free eBook download, have the button read “Download Free eBook.” Keep it simple and to the point.

conversion rate

Social Media Sharing

Insert several social sharing, including email forwarding, icons and buttons for your visitors to broadcast your landing page to their social media followers. This will improve your company’s reach and online visibility.

A smart, fully optimized landing page could do wonders for improving your conversion rate, just make sure you follow these tips first.

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