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Is Direct Marketing Really Dead?

Obviously, most modern-day businesses conduct their marketing and advertising almost exclusively through digital mediums, including us. But that doesn’t mean we’re in favor of killing off traditional marketing methods entirely. Case in point: direct marketing.

What is Direct Marketing?

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you know what direct marketing (also known as “direct mail”) is. But on the off-chance that you don’t, we’ll use Investopedia’s definition, which is “a form of advertising in which companies provide physical marketing materials to consumers to communicate information about a product or service.”

In other words, the internet, television and radio are not used in the distribution of promotional materials. We’re talking about the delivery of catalogs, mailers and fliers straight to your audience.

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Where Direct Mail Stands

Direct mail circulation decreases by approximately 1.9 percent each year, indicating that more and more companies are focusing their efforts primarily on digital marketing. Still, 9.8 billion catalogs were mailed in 2016. Direct mail is not dead by any means.

In fact, it may soon see a revival. The more businesses using the internet for marketing and advertising, the less ad space there is. Your ads must contend against those of your competitors, decreasing everyone’s total impressions.

Since the amount of direct mail sent has been decreasing, the average person receives less of it in total. Presumably, they’ll be even more likely to engage with yours, since it won’t get lost in a big pile of mail. It’s not a viable alternative to digital marketing, but it’s certainly worth incorporating into your strategy to see how it performs.

3 Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing in 2017

Aggressive Awareness

Almost 80 percent of consumers open all of their mail, including the “junk.” This makes direct mail campaigns ideal for building brand awareness, particularly for new businesses that need to gain exposure.

To ensure your mail isn’t tossed in the trash after a quick glance, brand it effectively by taking the following into consideration:

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Room for Creativity

Using physical mediums allows for a range of creativity that you simply cannot achieve with digital. Check out these incredible direct mail marketing campaigns, for a better idea.

Transcends Demographic Assumptions

There’s a decent chunk of the population that isn’t exactly tech-savvy, especially older generations. You can’t get their attention with social media or PPC ads, but you can by delivering your marketing materials straight to their mailboxes.

Don’t forget about the younger generations. There’s a wild misconception that they can’t be reached by direct mail. Research says the exact opposite.

There are certainly a few reasons to give direct marketing a try, but remember, it’s not a complete replacement for your digital strategy.
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