what is a chatbot

What is a Chatbot, and how can it Improve my Website?

Websites that generate the most leads today offer much more than a simple, static interface. Businesses are now increasing their conversion rates by adding interactive features, like chatbots, which enhance the brand user experience. Despite the popularity of this digital marketing tool, many business owners continue to ask us, what is a chatbot, and how can it help my business? Let us explain the answers to these two frequently asked questions.

What is a Chatbot?

what is a chatbot

You’ve seen them before. You’ve probably even interacted with them, but it is also very likely you don’t really know what is a chatbot, or how it could be used to improve your own website?

A chatbot, which is sometimes called a digital assistant, is a computer program that simulates conversations with website visitors on the internet. They can receive, understand and respond to human questions. Chatbots typically communicate with potential customers through a text interface and artificial intelligence technology.

The iPhone’s Siri is one popular example of a chatbot.

3 Ways a Chatbot Improves your Website

what is a chatbot

1)      Provides Visitors with Individual Attention

Chatbots are an effective online marketing tool, because they can communicate individually with each one of your web visitors. If one of your customers has an issue or a question, a chatbot can address those concerns immediately. Chatbots can also provide your potential customers with recommendations about which products or services to purchase.

2)      Offers 24/7 Customer Service

While you can only work your human customer service representatives so hard, chatbots never get tired. They are available to serve customers on your website at any time of the day or night and even on holidays. These digital assistants are effective sales reps, because they are always ready with a quick response. Chatbots can also save your business money by limiting customer interactions with more expensive human sales representatives.

3)      Converts Lost Leads

If your website is ecommerce-enabled, you have likely noticed how many of your users abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase.

A chatbot can increase your conversion rate by re-engaging with lost leads. Your digital assistants can help you fill incomplete orders by providing more information, making recommendations or simply reminding customers that they still have items in their cart.

Essentially, chatbots are a technological solution to an age-old customer service problem. Now that you know the answer to the question what is a chatbot, the next question is: why doesn’t your website have one already?

what is a chatbot

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