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Get Visual with these Video Marketing Tips

A solid video marketing strategy can do a lot to establish your brand as a trustworthy one. Well-executed video looks sharp and provides easy-to-consume content for your viewers. Before you start producing videos of your own, brush up on these video marketing tips!

Video Marketing Tips

Educate the Masses

Video, like written content, can be used to tell any story you’d like it to. Businesses can benefit from sharing educational videos about hot topics within their industries to showcase their professional sides.

We’ve recently began an educational series of our own, entitled “Fat Guy Academy.” In the video below, you can watch Fat Guy Media’s own Filippo Impennato discuss Facebook advertising.

Keep it Short and Simple

People are drawn to video, because it provides them with valuable information quickly. Not everyone has the time or attention span to read long-winded written content pieces. While it may be hard to choose which footage to cut during editing, it’s necessary. As you build an audience, you may see some demand for longer videos.

Don’t Fade to Black

While fading to black is a popular cinematic technique that has been around for ages, it has no place on any reasonable list of video marketing tips. In fact, your video should do the opposite of fade to black—it should propose a new offer. When your video ends, add a call-to-action to entice your viewers to further interact with your company, whether it’s to watch more videos or capitalize on premium content offers. If your video is well-produced and provides valuable information, they will be enticed to do so.

Have Some Fun

Of course, the ultimate goal of your video marketing campaign is to gain qualified leads and customers. However, video has a ton of entertainment potential, and showcasing the culture of your company is key to building brand personality. What better way to do so than with video?

Get Social

After your video has been produced, you need to make sure the world sees it. Social media is a prime platform for promotion. You can post videos on social media for free or back them with a bit of money to create paid advertisements.

SEO for Video

Just like SEO is important for helping your website rank well on search engines, it’s also vital to optimize your videos. Typical SEO practices such as including keywords in the title are helpful in video SEO. However, practices such as transcribing your script on YouTube and keeping videos relatively short also help boost your ranking.

Analyze What Matters

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how many people view your videos if they’re not optimized for conversion. While it may be satisfying to know that a ton of people view your videos, remember that zero percent conversion of 10 views is zero, and zero percent of 100,000 views is still zero. Instead, it’s recommended that you focus on metrics such as play rate, watch rate, and social shares, because high numbers in those categories indicate that you’ve retained an engaged audience.

By following our video marketing tips, you’ll be on your way to real-time results! Remember that your videos should provide value to your viewers and not be filled with shameless self-promotion.

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