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LinkedIn Ads Launches Conversion Ads

In an effort to increase engagement and action in Message Ads, previously known as Sponsored InMails, LinkedIn has created a new “Conversion Ads” option. This type of social advertisement enables you to add clickable CTAs in the body of an email. This is to prompt your email recipients to take more action and drive better results. These LinkedIn ads allows you to choose the sales funnel path you wish for your email recipient to go through.

LinkedIn Ads

Adding Conversion Ads to LinkedIn Ads will be Helpful

More than 2.5 billion people use mobile messaging apps and that number is only supposed to grow by 2023.  In a B2B landscape, where buying cycles can take a bit more time, having an option to help the buyer make their purchase more personal and interactive is that much more important. The more trusted a company is, the better the chance their audience will make a decision to purchase. These conversion ads will assist in creating those lasting relationships to help consumers make their final decision.

LinkedIn Ads

How to Create a Successful Conversion Ads

According to LinkedIn, messages sent on the platform have quadrupled over the last five years. This increases the importance of having a successful LinkedIn marketing plan.

In order to better allow LinkedIn users to understand how to run a successful Conversion Ads campaign, LinkedIn has released an in-depth rundown  on the topic. This new form of LinkedIn ads will allow for a more personalized user experience.

Apart from learning how to create a successful Conversion Ads experience from the rundown, you can also tune into a webinar hosted by LinkedIn on Tuesday May 12 at 2 p.m. EST called “Messaging Strategies for the Modern Marketer: Turning Conversations into Conversions”.

LinkedIn ads is a great marketing technique for all businesses to utilize. Now with the launch of their new Conversion Ads, marketers will have an even easier time directing their leads successfully down the sales funnel to their final purchase. They are designed for real-time engagement, meaning that messages can only be sent when your prospect is active on LinkedIn and in the right mindset to buy. Making the process that much easier to get to the decision stage.

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