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Restaurant Search Engine Optimization on Long Island is Different: Here’s Why

If you search “Long Island restaurants” on Google what are the chances your restaurant will rank the highest? There is an estimated 7.75 million people living on the island. And guess what, every one of us eats (especially us at Fat Guy Media). Restaurants take up a large portion of the 1,401 square miles of Long Island. Unless someone happens to be driving passed your restaurant and decides to stop in for a quick bite to eat, they’re looking it up on the Internet. So, let us help you get ahead of the competition. We have the basics to boost up your restaurant search engine optimization on Long Island.

What Is Search Engine Optimization on Long Island

Forbes describes search engine optimization (SEO) as the process of making your website relevant enough for search engines to pick up and rank higher. Your website will become more relevant with keywords. You have to ask yourself, “What are people searching in Google for a restaurant like mine?” So for example, if you are an Italian restaurant a keyword like “Italian restaurant on Long Island” will probably be most relevant. You want to expand your content so your keywords will show up more often. This can be done by your website pages, a blog, social media and more.

How to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization on Long Island

When people are looking up places to eat, they are usually out and about. This means they are using their mobile devices to find local restaurants. If someone cannot navigate through your website, easily they are most likely going to give up. Just ask Trent in his Fat Guy blog, “Smoke the Competition with a Responsive Restaurant Website.” Social media presence is also a must when it comes to SEO. Start a couple accounts. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are fun and easy ways to connect with old and new customers. Maintaining a presence on social media will build relationships on a less business-like level. If you feel it necessary, expand your social media platforms. Target local workers on LinkedIn to stop by your restaurant for lunch. Or share photos and recipes on Pinterest to gain women’s interest. Blogging will help you gain a following. Use the right keywords in your blogs so search engines pick them up. You can write about what is trending in your local community or write about your restaurants. Share your favorite meals and entice those reading to stop by and try it. Geo marketing is definitely going to boost your search engine optimization on Long Island. Local people are looking for somewhere local to eat. Geo marketing or local search engine optimization is essential because if someone searches “restaurants near Mineola, NY” your restaurant could rank high if you marketed your restaurant geographically. “Restaurant” and “Mineola” will connect with your restaurant and search engines will pick up on that. Search engine optimization on Long Island is very competitive, so make sure your restaurant tops the list. Keep in mind what your customers might be looking for when searching for a restaurant like yours. Always have the proper content that search engines will connect with. For more information on search engine optimization on Long Island call us at 516-535-5353 or email us at

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