new school marketing tactics

New School Marketing Tactics

Modern buyers are catching on to old school marketing strategies and they are not fans. So marketers thought up some new school marketing ideas that cater to the buyers. The newest new school marketing strategy is inbound marketing. This is a more advanced version of search engine optimization (SEO). When you think of new school marketing, you want to keep the buyer’s interest in mind. That does not mean you have to throw out all the old school marketing tactics. There are some that are still very useful. However, since we have adapted to this new age of technology and instant gratification, marketers needed to design a new concept. The basic concept of new school marketing is to research, take action, analyze the data, and then take action again with any necessary changes. From our past blogs you know that inbound marketing is the act of producing any relevant content of your business through your website, social media, blogs and search engine optimization.

What You Need to Know About New School Marketing

There are two very important things to keep in mind when using new school marketing. They are the buyer persona and the buyer’s journey. A buyer persona is a fictional characterization of who your business is trying to reach. Before, I mentioned it is all about catering to buyers. Well, this is where it comes from. In order for your content to be effective you have to target the right people. Know your buyer persona in and out. Create a biography for them based on their demographics, interests and role in life. All of this will give you the context you need to create relevant content. Next you have to understand the buyer’s journey. The buyer’s journey consists of three stages: awareness, consideration and decision. The first stage occurs when the buyer realizes he has an issue or opportunity at hand. This leads him into the consideration stage where he learns more about the issue or opportunity. Finally in the decision stage, the buyer ultimately decides on what is the best solution. You want to analyze what stage your buyer is in, what drew him to this stage and how you can improve to gather more people like your buyer. Now you might be asking, how do buyers come across my content? Through search engine optimization, of course. With your buyer persona in mind, you want to think about what keywords your buyer might search. Then, you want to incorporate them into your websites, blogs, social media, etc. This paves the road for the buyer’s journey. And remember, analysis is key. See what works and what doesn’t. In some companies blogs tend to be successful, but in others, social media might work better. Short term success is not what you’re looking for when it comes to new school marketing. The long term is more beneficial with proper analysis and content. New school marketing is designed to attract those technology savvy people who see passed old school marketing.

new school marketing
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