SEAL sayings that will motivate you

SEAL Sayings That Will Motivate You in Life and Business


I don’t know what it was but today I woke up feeling supercharged and super patriotic. It may have been the apple pie before bed, the fact that I watched Lone Survivor and Act of Valor last night back-to-back or that I just saw that one of my favorite books, American Sniper, is being made into a movie. Whatever it was, I woke up pumped this morning, ready to take on anything the day could throw at me. Now I am not pretending be a SEAL or anything like that by writing this blog. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who fight for our country, and am inspired and motivated from hearing about their journeys. We can all take something away from what those before us have done, and SEALs have done more than most of us could even fathom. This blog will be the first of a three part series over the next few weeks, totaling ten of my favorite, well-known Navy SEAL sayings that will motivate you in life and business. These are the sayings that keep our nations toughest motivated and mentally prepared for any challenge. 

SEAL Sayings, Motivational Series: Part 1 of 3

1.      The Only Easy Day was Yesterday

This is one of the more well-known sayings of the Navy SEALS. Every day will pose new challenges, if you are moving forward resistance is inevitable. This quote puts that in perspective. Acknowledging that each day will pose new challenges, just like the previous day did before that, motivates you to keep going. Once the day is over it is just that, over. You can’t go back and redo it, so treat each challenge as an opportunity, and be aware that it will pass.

2.      Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Something you will always see in SEAL training, probably the most common images on the internet of BUD/S training are of “surf torture”. Those hoping to join the ranks of the elite link arms and submerge themselves in the frigid water of the Pacific. What follows differs depending on the stage in training. Admiral McRaven describes it as the “sugar cookie”, getting covered in sand, head-to-toe, and staying like that for the day. The point of the “sugar cookie” is to push the discomfort out of your mind and complete the task at hand. In all types of business there will be things that make you uncomfortable, it could be a client, being outspoken during a meeting, or it could be any number of different things depending on your personality. The lesson behind this quote is to get used to putting yourself in these uncomfortable positions if you want to advance in anything.

3.      All In, All the Time

Joining the SEALs you can’t just be good at one thing and expect to make it. They give 110%, 8 days a week. You have to give everything you have just to make it to the next day. It’s the same for business. You can’t give everything you have, pour full focus into a task, if you are worried about the next, upcoming task or meeting or client. You have to take each thing as it comes and put all effort into its successful completion. Your goal is to what is in front of you.   I am beyond excited for the next few weeks as we keep this three part blog series going. We will be splitting it up, putting in more informative blogs in between these, of this SEAL Sayings, Motivational Series.

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