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Sidekick by HubSpot is Here to Support the Sales Team

In September we did a blog about a sales tool sneak peak we had from HubSpot. After watching the videos and tutorial our sales team had one thing to say. “Great Scott!” We were so excited to get this new, superhuman tool into action. Sidekick by HubSpot, quite literally, is your sales team’s Robin. This tool gives your sales team confidence to turn any sales call into “Clobbering Time”. Sidekick, your new sales team’s Robin, runs surveillance and data collection of your online presence. Lurking silently in the shadows, your Sidekick tracks and reports back to you about your email and web actions. Our one-man sales force was like an over-worked, stressed out, mad scientist before the appearance of the Sidekick. Now the effectiveness of our sales service has gone, Up, Up and Away. This blog will tell bring to light some of the Superpower abilities of Sidekick, and reasons why our sales team has no fear now that Sidekick by HubSpot is here.


One of the cool abilities of your Sidekick is its super tracking capabilities. Your Sidekick lives in your browser instantly notifying you of any interaction with your email inbox and on the web. Real-time notifications track email statues (sent, delivered, opened, interacted with), website visits (specific pages that were viewed) and more.

Lead Generation

Flame on, the times of cold calling are over (or at least for the most part). When your Sidekick is in action along the sidebar of your computer, information is provided about companies as you go through sites. There are three areas that the Sidekick populates with information; Company Profile – Company location, number of employees, estimated revenue, brief bio Company Contacts – Sidekick intuitively scours the site for company employees and contact information, (Salesforce then compiles information about these employees once you have added them to your CRM) Related Companies – Prospects that are similar to the company you are currently looking at 10-17 sidekick So with this information your sales team can establish points of contact. With further use of the tracking ability of Sidekick you can establish a profiles and buyer personas based around these real people. Think of it as a supercharged scouting report.

 How Sidekick turned our Sales Team from Damsel in Distress to the Incredible Hulk

This section is based on the actual use of the tool from our sales team highlighting what they like the most about the Sidekick (our sales team is NOT in distress but it is funny to crank them up). This sales tool promotes efficiency in all aspects. The sales team is better able to maintain a relationship and provide a better experience for customers, loyal and prospects. The tracking capabilities let us know that the important document got to the sender and it was opened. There is a peace of mind that your end of the job has been done, no more sitting and wondering if it went through, you can see it all in real-time. With prospected customers you can see how they found the site, what they looked at when they were navigating through the site and much more. You are so much more informed about these people without even sitting down and having a meeting.

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Sidekick by Hubspot
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