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Shark Week 2013…Probably the Best Week of Summer.

Shark Week is Back in Action!

It’s that time of the year again–when watching seals being eaten is entertaining, and bloody chum is still as gross as usual. Yes, it’s Shark Week! This year will be The Discovery Channel’s 26th annual production of Shark Week which began Sunday, August 4th.This year’s Shark Week includes 11 hours of new content, and nearly ‘round-the-clock documentaries and stories about sharks. Last night, the first episode “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” aired, which showed some pretty awesome, new footage of this creature believed to be a “Megalodon.” Megalodon sharks have been extinct for more than a million years–at least that’s what we believed. These beasts can grow up to 67 feet in length! Which means they probably could not fit in most people’s backyards. After some extreme exploration and setting a record for the biggest chum spread and amount of chum used, they awoke this supposed beast. One of the divers was able to get a tracking beacon onto the “Megalodon,” but it was shortly lost after it dove deeper than any shark has before. The tracking beacons are only expected to work 6,000 feet deep, but the one used in last night’s episode stopped transmitting at 6,500 feet. Whether this “Megalodon” creature is real or not, it was a great way to kick off shark week. If you can’t tell by now, we are huge fans of Shark Week, and if you’re not a fan of Shark Week, it’s probably because you’re a seal. For more information on Shark Week, check out The Discovery’s Channels Shark Week Page6a. If you’re a super big fan of Shark Week, like myself, ABC News put together an awesome list of ideas for the perfect Shark Week party. If you’re on twitter be sure to use the hashtag #sharkweek to your shark-related tweets!   – Fat Guy Media Team

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