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Facebook Announces Video For Instagram

An event held at Facebook today led to the unveiling of video for Instagram. With this new feature available, many marketers will now be able to integrate Instagram into their social media efforts, if they haven’t begun to already. Instagram has come a very long way since it first debuted in the App Store on October 6, 2010. There have been many improvements and updates since then, improving the experience with each new version. Now, with the announcement of video for Instagram, your experience is only going to become more enjoyable. Starting today you will be able to record and stitch together video clips to create 15-second videos. When you launch Instagram and take a photo, you will see a movie camera icon. Tap this icon to enter video mode and begin recording your 15 second video on Instagram! Also when you post your video you will be able to select your favorite scene from the recording and set that as your cover frame.

But Wait There is More!

Not only did they add the new video feature to Instagram they added a couple more goodies. One of them being world-class image stabilization so you can take videos while moving around. The second goodie or should I say ‘goodies’ they added are, Thirteen new filters built specifically for video.

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