What Makes a Great Logo, Great?

Just like McDonald’s golden arches, a great logo creates an immediately recognizable impression of a brand. But, what makes a great logo, great? The world’s best logos are memorable and enduring. They are simple, too. The light blue Twitter bird identifies the social networking site all on its own. Logo design is an art, but it is an art that follows a formula. While it may seem like a mystery why some logos endure and others fade away, there’s a rhyme and a reason to what makes a great logo, great.

5 Elements of What Makes a Great Logo, Great

From the inventiveness of Wikipedia to the practicality of IBM, there are countless varieties of logos. Whatever message your business is trying to convey, our checklist of what makes a great logo, great is sure to help create a winning first impression.

1)     True to the Brand

First and foremost, it’s important that the logo adds value rather than detract from the business’ focus. A logo should be true to the brand’s mission. A playful logo might not suit a well-established business, but it could perfectly fit a startup. And, while Apple is well-known enough not to include their brand’s name in their logo, that strategy might not work for every business.

2)     Unique and Memorable

what makes a great logo In today’s uber-competitive marketplace, the best logos stand out among the crowd. At once, they are both unique and memorable. For example, Starbucks’ logo would be tough to mistake for any other brand but Starbucks, let alone Dunkin’ Donuts. While a logo design company often aims to emulate top brands, a logo must be unique to a particular company in order to truly accomplish its mission. At the same time, a logo is nothing if it is not memorable. A bland logo that follows a tired template can have zero effect on influencing customers’ behavior. Imagine, where Nike might be without the swoosh?

3)     Simple and Functionalwhat makes a great logo

Businesses are complicated but their logos should not be. A logo is meant to convey a brand’s image in a quick snapshot. Therefore, in branding simplicity reigns supreme. However, always bear in mind, a logo must be functional. In logo design, creativity should not trump functionality. What make a great logo, great is that it draws attention to the company name rather than detracts from it.

4)     Modern yet Timeless

Since the days of Mad Men, great logo designs have changed with the times. Today’s modern logos look more vibrant and contemporary than their 1950s counterparts. Though established brands have adapted their logos through the years, core elements of their logo typically remain. This timeless quality is a hallmark of a great logo.

5)     Versatile Design

Logo design is never a bad investment, because businesses today use and reuse logos in myriad ways, including giveaway pens, social media profiles and billboards. That’s why it is more important than ever today for a company’s logo to be versatile. The true test of what makes a great logo, great is that it can create a memorable impression anywhere it may appear. what makes a great logo

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