The latest LinkedIn news is the changes they’ve made to their algorithm. The LinkedIn mantra, according to Pete Davis, the senior director of product management at LinkedIn is, “People you know, talking about things you care about.” This is in reference to the things you see on your LinkedIn newsfeed. As of the last two years, LinkedIn has seen an increase of 50 percent in viral activity. The changes to the algorithm allow you to now log in to your account and see over two million posts, including videos and articles.

The Latest LinkedIn News

The whole premise around LinkedIn is to help people become more successful and productive, specifically in the professional world. You’re most likely going to seeing posts from the different connections you make through LinkedIn. They can be friends, colleagues and those who share the same interests as you. The algorithm change is big LinkedIn news. They’re putting an emphasis on making sure that users can stay active and engaged in the things they view on their feeds. With over 645 million users, LinkedIn’s creators are determined to make sure your feed is customized to your interests and not full of arbitrary posts from others.

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The LinkedIn Algorithm

The goals of the LinkedIn algorithm are to prioritize relevant content and promote engagement. Relevancy trumps recency, which is why LinkedIn made changes to its homepage and now has been set to default to “top” posts. This algorithm update allows users to see the posts from their connections, rather than only posts from accounts that have millions of followers and daily engagements. They want to increase the amount of interactions the average user receives.

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How the LinkedIn Algorithm Filters Posts

LinkedIn takes into account three different aspects of posts, to determine what will be most relevant to you:

1.      Personal Connections

The posts of people you know and are connected with on LinkedIn will be displayed first on your newsfeed.

2.      Interest Relevance

Those who you connect with and are following similar groups, hashtags, or people and pages as you will be displayed more prominently.

3.      Engagement Probability

The algorithm takes into account the posts you’re more likely to share, comment, post or react to. Secondly, it’ll recognize the speed at which a post starts to get interactions from others to determine relevancy for you.

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The whole reasoning behind the updates LinkedIn made to its algorithm was to increase engagement and relevancy for its users. They want to increase interactions between connections and increase user experience. Keeping up with LinkedIn news allows you to best utilize the platform and get a better experience out of it.